Web Scraping Data for Job Boards

The number of Americans who use the internet to find jobs has almost doubled in the last decade. So what might be the reason behind the rising popularity of online job boards? Easy accessibility to the internet has a huge role to play in this. Also, the frequently updated listings make online job boards more relevant for job seekers. 


Job boards have also become crucial for employers. As job boards provide them easy access to skilled professionals in a timely and cost-effective manner. 


With online recruiting on the rise, competition among job boards has increased significantly in the past few years. Only a few popular platforms are usually preferred by job seekers. This makes those platforms a go-to place for employers to find the right candidates. As a consequence, new job listing platforms find it challenging to gain visibility amongst job seekers and employers. 


Web scraping is an efficient way for new job listing platforms to scrape data from other job boards. This eventually makes them the new go-to platform for job postings. 


What Data Can be Scraped from Job Portals?


Platforms like Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder are highly popular amongst job seekers. Thus, employers prefer listing their job openings on these specific platforms to speed up the recruiting process. 


Newer job boards and competitors can use a web scraping tool to extract the job listing data from these leading platforms. They can then utilize this scraped data to list jobs on their websites. This will help them quickly garner popularity among employers and job seekers. 


Here is the kind of data that you can scrape from Job portals using ScrapeHero:


  • Company name
  • Job type
  • Job description
  • Salary Offered
  • Company rating
  • Company reviews
  • Number of postings by the company
  • Days since posted
  • Location
  • Job Title


Using ScrapeHero Cloud you can access the above data seamlessly in JSON, CSV, or Excel format.

Why Scrape Job Data? 

Here are some of the different ways in which the scraped job data can be used:


Improve the Quality of Listings on your Portal 

Quality listings can boost a job portal’s popularity and value. It comes as no surprise that the global leaders in the online recruitment industry boast of job listing by some of the top businesses across the world. Many big companies regularly post their job openings on these popular platforms.  As an emerging job board, you can access such quality listings by scraping the data from popular recruitment portals. And post on your site to attract the right talent to your job board. Since job listings also have a shelf life, it’s important for you to update and refresh your listings regularly. If your listings are outdated or expired, it may negatively affect the image of your portal. This can lead to a loss of trust and brand equity. 


Using a web scraping solution, you can aggregate and post the most relevant listing in real-time from the leading job portals. 

Finding Specific Job Listings/Locations

If you are creating a niche job portal, collecting data on new job listings for specific roles or a particular location is vital for your growth. However, when you have just started out, you may need to manually research and add such listings to your site. This could be very time-consuming and could delay your success. Use an automated scraping solution to eliminate this teething issue. With ScrapeHero, you can ask for a customized scraping solution. This will let you scrape only the required data from target websites. 

Scraped data can help job portals understand the current/upcoming hiring trends. The data can be used to assess which industries are hiring, which profiles are most in-demand, and the kind of salaries being offered across profiles and industries. You can use such data to offer insights to both job seekers and employees both. Such insights could be published directly on your portal to add more value to your audiences. You could also use these insights to create a lead magnet for your portal and build your email list.

Keep Track of Latest Job Listings

Scraping job board data can help you keep a track of the latest job listing available across multiple portals and stay ahead of the competition. ScrapeHero can regularly crawl your target platforms and extract job listing data. The data is also delivered in a ready-to-use format (like  JSON, CSV, or excel format) to ensure that the whole operation is seamless and effortless. 


Crawlers for Glassdoor Job Listings and Indeed Job Listings can help you extract job listings data without writing a single line of code. These crawlers not only let you extract unlimited job listings data but also, get periodic updates from the listings. ScarpeHero can also create a custom automatic crawler for a specific job data need. 

Web Scraping Job Data to Scale Your Job Portal 


Extracting data from hundreds of websites manually can be a daunting process. Even if you build a custom web scraper for your firm, you will need dedicated professionals for crawler maintenance. You might even need to invest in additional tools or software for converting raw extracted data into a usable format. 


ScrapeHero Cloud has made this entire process highly affordable, quick, and hassle-free. All you need to do is provide the target platform and let the tool handle the rest. You can also ask us to customize the scraping operation to extract desired data. The automatic extraction is performed at regular intervals so that you don’t miss any of the new job listings. 


You can download the extracted data in JSON, CSV, or Excel format as per your need. Moreover, the data can also be directly delivered to your Dropbox if needed. You receive the data in an easy-to-use tabular form so that you can use it directly on your website.

With advanced features, affordable plans, zero maintenance, and automated crawlers, ScrapeHero offers custom solutions to new and emerging job portals to scrape job data in real-time.

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