We have a number of services, products and supporting systems.
Please pick the one that is most applicable to the service you use

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Self Service Cloud Platform - Crawlers and APIs

Our self-service cloud platform where you can signup easily and download data using our intuitive user interface or access our APIs. Any invoices and emails from cloud.scrapehero.com can be accessed here. You can also cancel your account and billing from this system

Data Store - Location Data Sets

If you purchased any of our datasets such as McDonalds locations in the US etc, here is how you get access to the data, invoices etc

Support Portal

This is our support system where you can get access to Technical support and access to existing tickets for your full-service data projects

Subscription Billing System for our Full Service Only

This is our “invite-only” billing platform for our full-service platform. To gain access to this please contact our sales team. You will NOT find store or cloud invoices here (i.e. if you never interacted with our sales team, this is not the place to find invoices)

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