Web Crawling Service for the Enterprise

We are a leader in web crawling service globally and crawl publicly available data at very high speeds and with high accuracy. Combine the data we gather with your private data to propel your enterprise forward.

You don’t have to worry about setting up servers and web crawling tools or software. We provide the best web scraping service and do everything for you. Just tell us what data you need and we will manage the data crawling for you

Crawl complex websites

We crawl data from almost all kinds of websites – eCommerce, News, Job Boards, Social Networks, Forums and even ones with IP Blacklisting and Anti-Bot Measures

High Speed Web Crawling

Our web crawling platform is built for heavy workloads. We are capable of scraping 3000 pages per second for websites with moderate anti-scraping measures. This is useful for Enterprise-grade web crawling

Schedule Crawling Tasks

Our fault tolerant job scheduler can run web crawling tasks without missing a beat. We have fail-safe measures that ensure that your web crawling jobs are run on schedule

High Data Quality

Our web crawling service has built-in automated checks to remove duplicate data, re-crawl invalid data, and perform advanced data validations using Machine Learning to monitor the quality of the data extracted

Access data in any format

Access crawled data in any way you want – JSON, CSV, XML, etc. You can also stream directly from our API OR have it delivered to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, etc

ETL Assistance

We can perform complex and custom transformations – custom filtering, insights, fuzzy product matching, fuzzy de-duplication on large sets of data using open source tools

What is web crawling?

Web crawling is an automated method of accessing publicly available websites and gathering the content from those websites. Google and other search engines use web crawler spiders or bots to traverse the Internet and collect the text, images, video from those sites and index these websites. This Google web index is what we all use when we access Google. 

Web crawling mimics how a person would visit a website and then navigate around the website by clicking on links, look at images, videos etc and then gather some of that data by copying and pasting it into a spreadsheet. Our web crawling software automates this process and executes it much faster and at a much larger scale.

Web crawling is an indispensable technology that is used by the world’s most successful companies to gather data from the Internet. Web crawling helps saves billions or more dollars lost in productivity when employees perform the crawling, copy pasting actions repeatedly every day globally. It also increases the accuracy of the data and the volume of data that can be extracted and used for business or research purposes.

How our web crawling service works


You tell us what data you need to crawl
and from which websites

Build and Crawl

We crawl the data using our highly distributed web crawling software

Deliver Data

We deliver clean usable data in your preferred format and location

How is web crawling used

Aggregate and Analyze News

Aggregate news articles from thousands of news sources, for analyzing mentions, educational research etc. You can do this without building thousands of scrapers using our advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) based news detection platform

Data Feeds for Job Monitoring

Collect Job Posting by crawling hundreds of thousands of job sites and careers pages across the web. Use the data crawling to build Job Aggregator websites, research, and analysis of job postings. Use job postings as competitive intelligence to stay ahead of the competition

Conduct Background Research

Conduct background research for the reputation of individuals or businesses, by crawling reputed online sources and applying text classification and sentiment analysis on the gathered data

Compare and Monitor Product Prices

Get real-time updates on Pricing, Product Availability and other details of products across eCommerce websites by crawling them at your own custom intervals. Make smarter and real-time decisions to stay price competitive

Why chose ScrapeHero's Web Crawling Service

ScrapeHero is one of the best data providers in the world for a reason. 

Customer Focus

Customer “happiness”, not just "satisfaction" drives our wonderful customer experience. Our customers love to work with us, and we have a 98% customer retention rate as a result. We have real humans that will talk to you within minutes of your request and help you with your need

Data Quality

Our automated data quality checks utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify data quality issues. Over time we have invested heavily in improving our data quality processes and validation using a combination of automated and manual methods and pass on the benefits to our customers at no extra cost


Our platform was built for scale - capable of crawling the web at thousands of pages per second and extracting data from millions of web pages daily. Our global infrastructure makes large-scale data extraction easy and painless by handling complex JavaScript/Ajax sites, CAPTCHA, IP blacklisting transparently

Customer Privacy

Our customers range from startups to massive Fortune 50 companies and everything in between. Our customers value their privacy, and we expect you would too. They trust us with their privacy and as a result, we don’t publicly publish our customer names and logos anywhere.

We promise you your privacy and guard it fiercely

Additional Resources

Alternative Data

We have been gathering Alternative Data for our customers for many years and can identify, gather and analyze this data for you. The competitive advantages of this data are enormous.

Price Monitoring

Get data feeds of pricing, product availability and other details of products across eCommerce websites, directly in your preferred data format and at your own custom intervals.

We also provide a subscription for this data, find out more by clicking here

Real Time API

We build APIs for websites that do not provide an API or have data-limited APIs. Most websites can be turned into an API to enable your cloud applications to tap into the data stream using a simple API call.

We also provide a subscription for this data, find out more by clicking here

Turn the Internet into meaningful, structured and usable data