Alternative Data

Alternative Data is an exciting data source for the financial industry that’s increasingly being embraced by other industries.  We have been gathering Alternative Data for our customers for many years and can help you in your quest to gather this lucrative albeit elusive data

Examples of Alternative Data

Sales data –  a direct proxy for earnings numbers

Inventory Data – what’s in stock and what’s flying off the shelves

Housing Data – units available, price per sq ft

The ScrapeHero Difference

No recycled data

We don’t sell preexisting datasets


Your competition does not get the same data that you get


Custom data sets just for you based on your needs

Increase your alpha and your competitive edge

How does it work?

Identify the Sources

We will work in conjunction with you – the analyst group and your IT and identify the potential public sources of the data. We will provide you suggestions based on our extensive experience and you provide us ideas so that the sources can  be finalized

Gather the data

We have the expertise and the technology to gather the data from one or many sources and keep gathering it at high speeds without interruption. We also normalize and deduplicate the data and store it for analysis

Analyze the data

We will again work in conjunction with you and identify how the data needs to be cleaned, aggregated, processed and finally analyzed. Eventually you will have access to the raw data or summarized conclusions or reports

You are always in control and know the source of your data


We will work with your compliance and legal groups throughout the whole process to ensure that you are in compliance with all regulations and internal risk and controls

Don’t get the same data as everyone else and from the same sources – let’s build something custom for you

Turn the Internet into meaningful, structured and usable data