What is a News API?

A News API lets you access unstructured news data in a structured manner easily and quickly using an API call. A News API provides programmatic access to news articles from multiple news websites and parses it to extract the news data, text and metadata, making it simple to search news data. News websites are full of a lot of content and the news page is full of advertisements, website navigation elements such as headers, menus, and footers, that contain a host of related articles and content links to generate revenue for the websites. A News API should ideally be able to extract the relevant content of the news itself and that is much harder than it appears. However, we have solved this with our easy to use news API.

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Basic News API vs Advanced News API

A basic News API will provide some basic text extraction using very basic rules. It will sometimes contain the date of the article and maybe the author and not much beyond that. It will also not be able to extract the relevant news portion of the article and will be full of related content and ads.

An advanced News API on the other hand uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to tag news articles and identify – category, sentiment, topic, person, date, event, and more, helping you access articles that are relevant to you. It will also be able to identify ads, related articles, navigation-related content, and remove such extraneous content.

Any research, analysis, or investment has to be backed by relevant and reliable data. News websites are the first choice for any type of data, however, this data is usually unstructured or the structure followed by one website is not what is followed by another. The ScrapeHero News API is an Advanced News API and helps you to tap into this unstructured data by parsing, tagging, and classifying news articles, allowing you to filter out the noise and helping you find news articles relevant to your requirements.

How does a News API work?

News API aggregates news data from different news media sources allowing you to search them based on Name, Dates, Company, Location, Event, and more in order to identify insights quickly. While news websites have their own APIs, they are usually limited to news data from those websites only. News sources such as the New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, etc. have their own APIs, however, they will only return the news data from their respective websites. News API is a type of web scraping API which allows you to automate the process of manually searching through different websites.

With a News API, you can get news metadata parsed and tagged as a simple JSON response which can be integrated into your applications allowing you to easily stream data feed from news sources worldwide.

The ScrapeHero News API

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The ScrapeHero News API is an Advanced AI/ML-powered News API that can, not only extract news metadata from thousands of global news websites but also tags them, classifies them into IPTC compatible topics or categories. and identifies the sentiment of published news data.

News data is a great source of alternative data, ScrapeHero News API makes this alternative data accessible in a structured and machine-readable manner to identify trends and make informed predictions.

Some of the popular News APIs currently available provide only the basic function of returning the news articles for a particular keyword, but these often lack accuracy and do not provide any customization. Behind ScrapeHero News API is a powerful AI/ML model that accurately provides users the ability to filter news articles based on keywords, dates, sentiment, sources, and categories, allowing you to search historical news data as well as updated news data for your keywords.

ScrapeHero can help increase the scope of your news monitoring by adding additional websites with little to no turnaround time. The advanced filtering provided automatically differentiates the relevant news article, saving time spent in manually parsing through hundreds and thousands of news articles.

You can quickly get structured news metadata in an enriched and standardized format to gain valuable insights quickly, providing you the ability to remove irrelevant news articles.



Custom API

Custom News API like the ScrapeHero News API provides you the option of building a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Similar to the other custom APIs provided by ScrapeHero, the ScrapeHero News API can be customized to handle filters in addition to what is currently provided and easily scaled to include additional sources within a few days or weeks.

Custom News APIs also let you access updated data from RSS feeds, Press Releases, Bulletin board type sites, Newsletters, Blogs, Research Papers, etc. They also let you search historical news data based on certain keywords and allow you to filter it on the basis of publication date and positive and negative sentiment as well. The data returned is enriched and machine-readable which can be used to gain useful insights from news data.

Best Alternative to Google News API – ScrapeHero News API

Google News, is the news aggregator application built by Google that uses similar techniques such as the ScrapeHero News API. While Google News had an API to access its platform, they removed its support and disabled it in 2016.

The ability to easily scale and customize ScrapeHero News API based on your requirements makes it the ideal alternative to the Google News API. You can find updated and historical news articles by searching for a keyword and filtering based on date, source, and category. It has all the features you need and is more economical than others.

Free and Affordable News API

With a free plan offering 1,000 API calls free every month, ScrapeHero News API is a no-risk option to get started with a news monitoring service. If the API provides value, our paid plans are affordable compared to some of the other APIs. We also provide discounts and custom plans for those using the News API for academic or research purposes.

News API use cases

Every business is dependent on data from their specific domain in order to make informed decisions and investments. In such cases, the speed at which you receive the data is just as important as the accuracy of it. ScrapeHero News API ensures that you have access to updated news data to keep you informed at all times.

Here are some of the use cases of a News API

  1. Alternative Data Source for Investors

    Investment Management and Hedge Fund companies have the need to be up to date about the news related to their investments in order to view trends and make quick decisions. ScrapeHero is trusted by some of the biggest financial institutions and global consultants to provide the data that helps them derive useful insights. News API can help gather information regarding – store openings and closures, mergers, financial earnings, negative news, and more.

  2. AI/ML Training Data

    News websites are an unending source of different types of data. Accessing relevant news data is an important requirement to train AI/ML predictive models for specific needs. ScrapeHero News API can provide the required historical data as well as a stream of updated data to improve these predictive models.

  3. Brand Monitoring

    Global brands need to be updated about any news that is published about them, their subsidiaries, and competitors. Depending on the reach of the brand they would need to monitor news from multiple countries, sources and filter news for specific sentiments as well, all this and more can be monitored by using ScrapeHero News API.

  4. Data for Research and Journalism

    Relevant data is important for the success of any research or journalism project. ScrapeHero News API can help journalists and researchers to tap into news data by simply searching for the keyword and providing the necessary filters to get the required data from multiple news sources.

News data has a lot more uses and we have only mentioned a few above. Combined with ScrapeHero’s custom web scraping services you can integrate news data with social media data, product monitoring data, jobs data, travel data and more, to unlock hidden insights that can boost your business.

How to Get Started

Getting started with the ScrapeHero News API is FREE and simple, all you have to do is sign up using an email to start using our free plan.



If you would like to increase your page limits or concurrency you can upgrade to our paid plans that fit your needs. Academics and researchers can reach out to us to avail discount pricing. If you would like additional features that are not currently available, we can always create a custom API that can perform the functions you need.

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