Location Data

High quality retail store, hotel, car dealer, gas stations locations and other points of interest

Download millions of accurate, verified, updated and affordable Points of Interest (POI) and locations instantly as an Excel spreadsheet


The datasets we provide undergo at least 10 stringent quality checks before we publish them


We have one of the best update cycles in the industry. Most datasets are updated weekly


Download the data instantly from our website for immediate use in your projects

We have the best pricing online

Shop around, we are certain you will not find better pricing for the latest location data anywhere online

Data Licenses and Subscriptions

Download our data and as often as you like or integrate your applications with our API, get the latest updated data, all with our subscription plans.
License our data for your company-wide usage or build innovative business or consumer facing products using our data.

Enriched POI Data

We are one of the premier POI enrichment data providers.
We provide enriched data for most of our Points of Interest (POI) data.

Examples of enriched data are - whether a Walgreens has a "Minute clinic" or the hours of operations, store operator names or emails in some cases, menu for restaurants, busy times, pricing etc.

We can also provide additional enriched data on-demand for you in most cases.
Please reach out to us to discuss what type of data enrichment is possible.