Store Location Data Subscription

Get unlimited access to new brands and stores that we keep adding on a regular basis for the duration of an active subscription or build a custom subscription plan for the brands that you track and get the data at your schedule

Unlimited Plan

Get unlimited data updates
$ 1750 per month
  • Billed Quarterly
  • Includes all current Brands
  • Includes all Countries
  • Includes all Locations
  • Updated Weekly

Custom Plan

Fully customizable plan
  • Billed Quarterly
  • Includes any number of Brands
  • Includes any number of Countries
  • Includes any number of Locations
  • Updated on a custom schedule

Data Access


Data can be delivered as a link sent to your email. This is the easiest method for customers who just want to open files in Microsoft Excel


We can deliver that data through integration over various cloud services such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, FTP or other storage providers


We can build custom API endpoints for accessing the data in real-time. This method provides access to the most updated data

Unlimited Plan FAQs

Does the plan include all data store locations?

Yes all brands and all their locations that are in our Data Stores currently and all countries are included. Up to 200 current brands and all their locations are currently included.

How often is the data updated?

The data is usually updated every week in most cases.

Do you have any other plans?

Yes, you can create custom plans to cover the brands and countries you need and a custom update period.

Will the plan include new stores that open?

Yes, as long as the subscription is valid, all new stores opened will be included.

How do I get billed?

Once you sign up with a credit card, you will be billed every 3 months (one quarter) for that quarter. All billing is made upfront.

How do I get additional help?

You can contact us using the “Contact” button at the top of each page. We can answer all your questions or help with any issues you might face.

Custom Plan FAQs

What is included in the Custom plan?

The Custom plan will be designed based on your requirements and can include only the brands that you require and for countries that you need and will be provided you based on a schedule that you prefer.
e.g. a custom plan could include all locations from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks in the US updated monthly

Can I get a custom update schedule?

If you wanted an update every day instead of weekly, or on certain days of each quarter (for reporting QoQ metrics), that is definitely possible in the Custom plan.

Do you have any other plans?

Sure, we can build any kind of plan that you require.

What is the pricing based on?

Custom plans are based on the number of brands and the number of their locations and the frequency of the updates. More of any of those variables, will cost more. However, you still have the Unlimited plan available to get the best benefit.

How do I get billed?

The billing for custom plans will usually be monthly, but if you need updates quarterly or annually, the billing schedule will follow the same schedule.

How do I get additional help?

You can contact us using the “Contact” button at the top of each page. We can answer all your questions or help with any issues you might face.