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We are a custom solutions and services provider. Here is a select list of some of our popular bespoke solutions and services. We provide these services to all industries globally.

We specialize in building custom solutions for our customers

Get data feeds and real-time APIs of Pricing, Product Availability, Reviews, Inventory and other details of Products across major eCommerce websites and marketplaces, directly in your preferred data format and location at your own custom intervals. Keep any eye on competitors by creating a better product strategy. We monitor prices, availability, store level inventory levels, shipping timing and costs, MAP, content etc to meet brand specific guidelines.


Large Scale Web Crawling

Crawl millions of pages at super-fast speeds without worrying about getting blocked or buying servers and managing proxies. We will crawl the web for you, gather data, extract, clean and deliver the data to you in most common formats – hassle free.

Travel, Airline and Hotel Data

Gather hotel reviews, pricing, room availability and airline ticket prices from multiple sources accurately using our advanced web scraping services. Use this data to enhance your customer service, optimize pricing, monitor ratings and reviews and stay ahead of your competition.

Automate every aspect of your business. Reduce manual labor, costs, and errors due to human data validation and entry. Integrate data from websites that don’t have an interface, combine the data. Automate the boring, repetitive tasks or build complex automation workflows.

Brand Monitoring

Custom brand monitoring solution built just for you, with your needs and requirements in mind – completely configurable to your changing needs – all powered by web scraping. Get the data that your competitors cannot get from off-the-shelf solutions.

Real Estate and Housing Data

Gather data for urban planning, transportation, communication and distribution networks to improve connectivity and ensure that the city’s resources are optimally deployed and utilized.

Alternative Data is an exciting data source for the financial industry that’s increasingly being embraced by other industries. We have been gathering Alternative Data for our customers for many years and can identify, gather and analyze data for you. The competitive advantages of this data are enormous.

Human Capital Management

Human capital is one of the most valuable assets in today’s economy. Managing this asset requires sophisticated data-based solutions. We can gather data that will power these solutions.

Location Intelligence

Transform data into insights by understanding your business geographically with Location Intelligence. Use data to make better expansion decisions, detect patterns and improve location based marketing.

Training Data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We have the capabilities to scale and crawl the internet for relevant data to help train your AI and ML models.

We build APIs for websites that do not provide an API or have a rate-limited or data-limited APIs. Most content on most websites can be turned into an API to enable your cloud applications tap into the data stream using a simple API call. Power your business using an API.

Distribution Channel Monitoring

Monitor all aspects of your products from manufacturing to distribution across the globe. Get data that your business partners are unable to provide by tapping into their websites directly.


Research and Journalism

We can help gather data to power your next research project or news story. Making sure that the extracted data you receive is relevant, allowing you to perform an accurate analysis.

Sales Leads

Targeted sales saves you time and resources. Web Scraping can help you achieve a high level of targeting by gathering relevant leads from the Internet. Your sales team can reach out to the right people and effectively execute your sales campaigns.

People power companies and job listings match people with companies. Our custom web scraping services can extract all kinds of Jobs-related data such as latest job listings, skills, and locations from company websites and job boards.


Social Media Monitoring

Provide your marketing team the power of publicly available data to monitor posts, send alerts, analyze social media trends and sentiment analysis to create the best social media strategy to stay ahead of competitors.

Business Intelligence

We use AI to build custom business intelligence services that allow you to track millions of data points about competitors, products, people, locations easily and turns them into finite human actionable intelligence.

Looking for something else not listed here? 
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