We help businesses gather product prices from competitor websites

Our price monitoring service can extract pricing, catalog, inventory levels, availability and more from your competitors e-commerce websites and send notifications, helping you create a better pricing strategy than your competition by adjusting prices. 

How it works


1. Tell us what product data you need and from which websites


2. We create implementations based on your requirements and monitor prices


3. We send personalized reports in addition to the final data in your preferred format and location.

How Can Price Monitoring Help?


Adapt to Price Variations

Use product data extracted from competitor sites to learn and adapt to price variations across different websites and domains.


Spot Historical Trends

With the scraped product data analyze competitor prices over time to understand historical trends.


Gain Valuable Insights

You can use product data to obtain a complete range of competitor products. This will help benchmark yourself against rivals and forecast your market’s future.


Formulate Intelligent Decisions

Use coherent and usable scraped data to make optimal pricing decisions and winning price strategies.



Understand Market Position

Knowing your competitor’s products, their ratings and current stock levels will help you devise a strategy based on where you stand.


  Analyze Consumer Opinions

With scraped customer review data you can find out which products and brands are in demand by analyzing sentiments of online consumers.


We can create custom services that fit your business and help you come up with innovative approaches to understand your competitors. We will help get a hold of the data that will power your enterprise.


Refresh product data regularly

We scrape retail websites on a regular basis  based on your own custom schedule and extract product data.


 Receive alerts on price changes

We’ll send you alerts as Emails, WebHooks or API calls at the right time, so you can react to changes made by your competitors


Solutions tailored for your need

We can create custom solutions such as filtering, insights, fuzzy matching and more to give you an in depth look at competition.

How is ScrapeHero different


Customers above all else

The core of our company is based on a wonderful customer experience. We have real humans that will talk to you within minutes of your request and help you with your need. Contact us and try it for yourself, you will be impressed by our responsiveness (most of our customers are).


We provide a Full Service

You don’t have to spend hours trying to learn a scraping tool or attend training webinars. We do everything for you – setting up scrapers, running it, cleaning the data, checking the data quality and making sure the data is delivered to you on time. Just be ready to receive your crawled data feeds


Customer Privacy

Our customers range from startups to massive Fortune 50 companies and everything in between. Our customers value their privacy and we expect you would too. They trust us with their privacy and as a result, we don’t publicly publish our customer names and logos anywhere.

We promise you your privacy and guard it fiercely

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