An API for Web Scraping and Robotic Process Automation

Our web scraping API can extract data from web pages to get close to instantaneous responses within seconds. Unlock precious data to create new business opportunities, develop innovate business models and pull data into analytical platforms.

How It Works?

1. Build the API

We’ll create and design an API based on your data requirements. Our API can execute data requests  quickly and efficiently to provide you the data in real-time.

2. Call the API and get data in Real-Time

Make a call to the API endpoint with your unique API key to get the data you need.

How is ScrapeHero’s Real-time Scraping API Better


Simple Integration

Web scraping APIs are user friendly, easily accessible and can be plugged seamlessly into your existing workflow. You won’t need to install browser plugins, download tools, databases or proxy servers.


Real-Time Responses

Our highly scalable web scraping platform is built to strip away all NOISE in HTTP – making response times much quicker. This will reduce the wait time for your users when handling transactional queries.


Ensure Data Quality 

Scraped data is always messy, error prone and unformatted. We take data quality seriously and automatically retry API calls if the extracted data doesn’t pass our quality checks. 


Quick Maintenance in case of website changes

Websites change their structure, taking down all scraping APIs as well. We keep a watch on website changes, and make sure your API is back up in hours.

What can you use it for ?


Scrape Product Information from E-commerce websites 

Make an API call with a product URL to retrieve the product details within seconds. You can connect this with pricing intelligence tools that monitor and track product prices. It is more like an UnOfficial API for any shopping website.

Perform lookups in multiple websites and retrieve results

Make an API call to query multiple websites and retrieve results. No need to input data into multi-page complex forms or click multiple buttons. Just pass the input to our API and get the data. It’s incredibly useful for pulling real-time data from event, finance, travel, etc. websites.

Convert a complex workflow into a simple API call

If your application depends on a series of web scraping steps for single or multiple data sources that has to be performed in real-time, our custom API can do that in seconds. All you have to do is call our real-time web scraping API with the required parameters.  

How is ScrapeHero different

customers-above-all else

Customers above all else

The core of our company is based on a wonderful customer experience. We have real humans that will talk to you within minutes of your request and help you with your need. Contact us and try it for yourself, you will be impressed by our responsiveness (most of our customers are).


We provide a Full Service

You don’t have to spend hours trying to learn a scraping tool or attend training webinars. We do everything for you – setting up scrapers, running it, cleaning the data, checking the data quality and making sure the data is delivered to you on time. Just be ready to receive your crawled data feeds


Customer Privacy

Our customers range from startups to massive Fortune 50 companies and everything in between. Our customers value their privacy and we expect you would too. They trust us with their privacy and as a result, we don’t publicly publish our customer names and logos anywhere.

We promise you your privacy and guard it fiercely

Turn websites into meaningful and structured data through our web data extraction service