per month

 Monthly subscription required

 One-time setup fees additional

Frequency of Data Gathering
Best for Number of Sites
Number of Pages per month
Resources and Support
Site Complexity
Pricing for Additional Pages
$150+ More Info

per month per website

Monthly subscription required

One-time setup fees additional

Monthly or Weekly
3 or less
Up to 10K per site More Info
Shared More Info
Basic to Medium
$1000+ More Info

per month

Monthly subscription required

One-time setup fees additional

Up to 10
Any with 1MM included More Info
Shared More Info
$450+ per million pages More Info
$5000+ More Info

per month

Monthly subscription required

Setup fees included

Any with 1MM+ included More Info
Dedicated More Info
$300+ per million pages More Info
On Demand
$450+ More Info

per website per refresh

No subscription required

Setup fees included

One Time
1-10K pages per site More Info
Shared More Info

Free, Trial Plans or Cheaper Self-Service Options

The pricing table above lists pricing for our “full service”, that means, we do everything for you.
We do not provide free or trial services for our full-service plans, but we do engage in paid pilot projects. 

However, if you are looking for some free or more affordable “self service” options, we do have some pre-built scrapers for some common websites such as Amazon, Twitter, Walmart etc. You can use the pre-built crawlers by just copying and pasting links and picking some options. No coding or tools are required and you get data in a spreadsheet or in your Dropbox.
All it takes is a few seconds to configure and run.

We also provide APIs for integrating the data with your systems or Apps.

To find out more about these options or to sign up click here

Competitive Replacement Program

If you are using one of our competitors and unhappy with their service or just looking for a better option, we have programs built specifically for you. The process is well defined and tested so that you can work with one of the best providers in this space, easily and quickly. Our pricing is very competitive and our service levels are very high. We will assign a project manager to your larger projects to ensure a smooth transition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a page?

A page is a webpage and we describe it in detail here. For our billing purposes a page is a HTTP request (generally a HTTP GET or POST request but could be more). A redirect request can trigger more page requests and AJAX or XHR requests can trigger more page requests. 


We need to program and build software to your exact specification. Then we need to test it and perform Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure it meets your needs. All these human intensive actions are included in our nominal setup fees.

Do I need to download software or build my own scraper?

No. Our “full service” includes everything. You do not need to download software or write scrapers or worry about getting blocked or proxies or servers etc. We do everything for you and you just get the data back from us.


Our monthly subscription includes all the costs associated with the data gathering – i.e. servers, bandwidth, proxy costs etc. It also includes monitoring for website structure changes and handling most common changes. Also included are the data quality checks we perform and the support we provide.

What is the difference between the on-demand and subscription plans?

The On-Demand plan is for one-off data needs. If you need the data once or if you need the data less frequently, say whenever you want a data refresh, the on-demand plan may work better. Our subscription plans provide the cheapest per-unit pricing but they require a monthly subscription. 

can we outsource our in-house operations to scrapehero?

Yes. We specialize in taking over small and large scale in-house scraping operations and building a transition plan that does not impact ongoing operations. Most companies that reach out to us have outgrown in-house operations that have issues everyday, are expensive and hard to maintain.

CAN we RUN a PAID TRIAL or POC to prove an idea?

Yes. If you are unsure about the viability of a concept or idea, we do run Pilot projects  (Proof of Concept POC, Trial) that are bound by cost, time and deliverables. You can validate your idea in a few weeks using a few hundred dollars in most cases.

do you work with corporate procurement, ACCOUNTING, legal and compliance departments?

Yes. We work with large global organizations to build custom contracts and also handle various corporate payment methods. We also include legal and compliance groups in our workflow to ensure our customers are comfortable with how we gather data.

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