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Data as a Service

A full-service provider of data - you don't need software, hardware, scraping tools or scraping skills - we do it all for you - simple


We build APIs for websites that do not provide an API or have a rate-limited or data-limited APIs. We can build an API for you and you make an API call to get structured data

Custom Solutions

We can provide analysis, insights, fuzzy matching, predictive analytics, alerts from the data - any custom solution just for you

What data would you like?

Please enter the websites that you want to scrape. We will email you a quote and get started on payment - yes, it is really that simple.

* This is NOT an automated service that will get you the data if you type your website URL

We can scrape (almost) anything

Product, Pricing and Review Data

Scrape product prices, availability, reviews, inventory, prominence, reputation from eCommerce websites. Monitor your distribution chain, analyze customer reviews and improve your products and profits with this data.

Travel Hotel and Airline Data

Collect data from travel websites. Gather hotel reviews, pricing, room availability and airline ticket prices accurately using our advanced web scraping service. Stay competitive through the use of data.

Stock Market and Financial Data

Gather data about global financial markets, stock markets, trading, commodity and economic indicators. Enhance and augment the data available to analysts and internal financial models to make them perform better.

Social Media Data

Gather data from social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Collect historical data or get alerts from these sites. Monitor your reach and measure effectiveness of your campaigns.

Sales Leads

Get fresh sales leads relevant to your business using targeted scraping techniques. Enrich the data with emails, phone numbers and social media profiles for your sales or marketing campaigns.

Real Estate and Housing Data

Scrape Real Estate listings, Agents, Brokers, Houses, Apartments, Mortgages, Foreclosures, MLS. Keep a watch on new data by setting up custom email alerts.

News, Blogs and Web Content

Crawl and extract millions of current and historical news data and web content by using our web crawling service which scrapes pages at the rate of 3000+ pages per second.

Data for Research and Journalism

Power your next research project or news story with data from the web - Environmental Data, Third World Development Data, Crime Data, Local and Global trends etc.

Job Data and Human Capital

Find the best candidates for your company or keep tabs on who your competition is hiring. Aggregate jobs from job boards or company websites - all this can be accomplished through web scraping.

Dark and Deep Web Data

The Dark web and the Deep web is a gold mine ready to be exploited. Data around cyber security, threats and crime related trends can be gathered for value added analysis.

These are just some examples of the countless uses of web data.
We are happy to engage in a detailed discussion with you about interesting and innovative uses of data.

ScrapeHero is one of the best web scraping companies in the world for a reason

Our customers love us because we really care about their "happiness" and not just their "satisfaction".

We make significant investments in automation, scalability and process efficiency that allow us to provide an exceptional service at no additional cost to our customers. Our customers get a better quality and dependable service at comparable pricing to all other options.

Customers - above all else

The core of our company is based on a wonderful customer experience. We have real humans that will talk to you within minutes of your request and help you with your need. Contact us and try it for yourself, you will be impressed by our responsiveness (most of our customers are).

We provide a Full Service

We do everything for you - setting up scrapers, running it, cleaning the data, checking the data quality and making sure the data is delivered to you on time. There is no need for complicated web scraping tools or software. No need for any training or video tutorials - we do it all for you.

Your data, Your way

Get the crawled data in any format that you want – JSON, CSV (Excel), XML, etc. You can stream directly from our API OR have the data delivered to any location of your choice - Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, and load it into any database (MySQL, Oracle, Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra) hosted anywhere - AWS, Azure, in your own datacenter.

Data quality checks and monitoring

Scraped data is always dirty and usually has many errors. We have built-in automated checks to identify duplicate data, recrawl invalid data and perform advanced data comparisons to monitor the quality of the data extracted. We use the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to improve this process continuously.

Detect website changes and adapt quickly

Our detection technology can identify changes to websites and self-heal with minimal impact to the data gathering. Our sophisticated algorithms helps us monitor changes, aberrations and anomalies in the data and react in time. Our intelligent alerts notify humans of changes that need to be fixed by them.

We crawl MILLIONS of web pages daily at the rate of thousands of pages per SECOND for our customers from our highly scalable and distributed scraping platform in the cloud. We can scale to thousands of spiders with the click of a button!

Handle complex and transactional websites

We take on new web crawling challenges and beat them every day. We handle transactional and JavaScript/Ajax heavy sites, CAPTCHA, IP Blacklisting, etc. Our crawling platform is built for heavy workloads.

Highly Scalable Platform with 100% Anonymity

We have built our own sophisticated cloud-based technology learning from all other web scraping software out there - scrapy, scrapinghub, mozenda, visual web ripper, php scraper etc and removed all their shortcomings, giving you some awesome technology.

Perform complex data transformations

If you need more than just data extraction, we can perform complex and custom transformations – custom filtering, insights, fuzzy product matching, fuzzy de-duplication etc, all on massive sets of data using open source tools, before delivering them to you.


price-monitoring Price Monitoring

Our price monitoring service can extract pricing, product availability, inventory levels and more of products across eCommerce websites, directly in your preferred data format and location at your own custom intervals helping you make smarter and real-time decisions to stay competitive.

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Web Scraping API Web Scraping API

We build APIs for websites that do not provide an API or have a rate-limited or data-limited APIs. We'll extract data from web pages to get close to instantaneous responses within seconds. Most content on most websites can be turned into an API to enable your cloud applications tap into the data stream using a simple API call.

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Distribution Channel Monitoring Distribution Channel Monitoring

Monitor all aspects of your products from manufacturing to distribution across the globe and multiple channels. Get data that your business partners are unable to provide by tapping into their websites directly and use the data for your Supply Chain Management solutions.

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Web Crawling Web Crawling

Crawl tens of thousands of pages at super-fast speeds without worrying about getting blocked or buying servers and managing proxies. We will provide a full service - gather, extract, clean and deliver the data to you in most common formats – hassle free.

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Customer Privacy

Our customers range from startups to massive Fortune 50 companies and everything in between. Our customers value their privacy and we expect you would too. They trust us with their privacy and as a result, we don't publicly publish our customer names and logos anywhere.

We promise you your privacy and guard it fiercely




Starting at $50
per month per website
maximum 1000 pages per site

Monthly subscription required


Starting at $1000
per month

Monthly subscription required

On Demand

On Demand

Starting at $300
per website

No subscription required

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