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Most of the world's largest companies trust ScrapeHero to transform billions of web pages into actionable data. Our Data as a Service provides high-quality structured data to improve business outcomes and enable intelligent decision making

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Business Intelligence

Web Scraping Services

A full-service provider of data - you don't need software, hardware, scraping tools or scraping skills - we do it all for you - simple

Web Scraping API

Web Scraping API

We build custom real-time APIs for websites that do not provide an API or have a rate-limited or data-limited APIs so that you can integrate the data in your applications

Custom AI and ML Solutions

Custom AI Solutions

We can build custom Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML/NLP) based solutions to analyze the data we gather for you, so we can provide much more than just web scraping services

How businesses use data through web scraping

Web scraping enables businesses to convert any website into data that can be used in a spreadsheet or in databases. Web scraping converts unstructured data on the world wide web into organized, structured data so that it can be consumed by business applications, providing significant business value. Web scraping can help automate mundane tasks or solve complex problems through automation and at a massive scale. Every business in this world already uses or can easily benefit from data scraping from the web. If you are new to the world of web scraping, web crawling or data scraping, it will surely benefit you and your business.

Product, Pricing and Review Data

Product, Pricing and Review Data

Scrape eCommerce websites to extract product prices, availability, reviews, prominence, brand reputation and more. Monitor your distribution chain and analyze customer reviews to improve your products and profits with this data.

Stock Market and Financial Data

Stock Market and Financial Data

Gather data about global financial markets, stock markets, trading, commodity and economic indicators. Enhance and augment the data available to analysts and internal financial models to make them perform better.

Real Estate and Housing Data

Real Estate and Housing Data

Scrape Real Estate listings, Agents, Brokers, Houses, Apartments, Mortgages, Foreclosures, MLS. Keep a watch on new data by setting up custom email alerts.

Job Data and Human Capital

Job Data and Human Capital

Find the best candidates for your company or keep tabs on who your competition is hiring. Aggregate jobs from job boards or company websites - all this can be accomplished through web scraping.

Travel, Hotel and Airline Data

Travel, Hotel and Airline Data

Extract data from travel websites to accurately analyze hotel reviews, pricing, room availability and airline ticket prices using our advanced web scraping services. Stay competitive through the use of data.

Data for Research and Journalism

Data for Research and Journalism

Power your next research project or news story with data from the web - Environmental Data, Third World Development Data, Crime Data, Local and Global trends etc.

Retail Store Location Data

Buy Retail Store Location Data

Buy Retail Store Location Data

Thousands of global brands and millions of POI location data are available in our data store for instant purchase and download. More brands and store locations are added and updated every week

These are just some examples of the countless uses of web data gathered through web scraping services.
We are happy to engage in a detailed discussion with you about exciting and innovative applications of our web data extraction services to power your business.

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Our customers range from the largest global companies and household brands to midsize businesses and startups just getting started. To protect our customers' privacy, we do not publish customer names and logos, but here is a select sample of our customer profiles represented in a manner to respect their privacy

Financial Customer FINANCIAL

Top 5 Global Financial Corporation

Healthcare Company HEALTHCARE

Top 5 US Healthcare Company


Top 5 Global FMCG Conglomerate


Top 5 Global Retailer


Top 5 Global Management Consulting


Big 4 Accounting Firm


Top 5 Global Hotel Chain


Top 5 Global Energy Company


Top 5 Global Media Company

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ScrapeHero is one of the best web scraping companies in the world for a reason

Exceptional service for an enjoyable customer experience

Customer happiness drives our enjoyable customer experience. Our customers love to work with us, and we have an industry leading customer retention rate as a result. We have real humans who will talk to you within minutes of your request and help you with your data scraping needs.

Customer Retention Rate

98% Customer Retention Rate

Responses in < 1 hour during business

Responses in less than 1 hour during business hours

Scraping standing by to help

Real experts in technology and business processes ready to help

Business Intelligence

Unmatched data quality and consistency

Our automated data quality checks utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify data quality issues. We invest heavily in improving our data quality processes and validation using a combination of automated and manual methods and pass on the benefits to our customers at no extra cost.

Data Quality checks

Data Quality checks powered by Artificial Intelligence

Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts for any change in data, quality or website structure


Thousands of alerts monitored daily to avoid disruptions to data delivery

Business Intelligence

The best web crawling infrastructure

Our platform was built for scale and is capable of crawling the web at thousands of pages per second and extracting data from millions of web pages daily. Our global infrastructure makes large scale data extraction easy and painless by handling complex JavaScript/AJAX sites, CAPTCHA, IP blacklisting transparently

Self healing tech

Self healing tech to tackle website changes

Infrastructure distributed

Infrastructure distributed across the globe

Huge browser farms

Huge browser farms to handle complex websites

Business Intelligence

Real experts with decades of experience

Our experts have decades of experience in various industries. Talking to them is free and comes with no obligations to sign up with us. Get insights into what other companies in your industry are doing. Learn how you can use web based data to stay relevant in this fast changing world and shift to online services.

Contact us and talk to one of our experts and explore ways we can help your business.

Business Intelligence

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Data Delivery and Formats

We build end-to-end Web Data Integration (WDI) solutions using custom APIs and webhooks to integrate web based data with enterprise applications.

Data in any format

Transform data into any structure or format

We can help you decide which data formats and structures suit your requirements. Be it nested JSON, relational data structures, parent/child tables, SQL dumps. Get the crawled data in any format - JSON, CSV, Excel, XML and more.

Transform data

Automated data delivery to any location

Our web data integration platform integrates with cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, DropBox, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake and FTP. We can help you automate and integrate web data with your internal applications.​​

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