How to Scrape Tripadvisor Reviews: A Step-By-Step Guide

The post-pandemic world is quickly embracing and adapting to the new traveling norms equipped with covid-19 safety measures. No wonder the travel industry is once again witnessing booking surges! Reviews play a crucial role in encouraging customers to visit restaurants, book rentals & hotels. 

This tutorial will show you how to extract Tripadvisor reviews using the ScrapeHero Cloud. With the Tripadvisor hotel review scraper, you can easily scrape competitor reviews, monitor your competition, enhance your offerings & much more. All you have to do is provide the right input URL & you will get the data delivered to your inbox at your convenience. 

Here Are the Steps to Scrape Tripadvisor Hotel Reviews

  1. Create an account on ScrapeHero Cloud 
  2. Choose the Tripadvisor reviews scraper & enter the relevant inputs 
  3. Run the Tripadvisor reviews scraper
  4. Download the data

What Can You Scrape Using the Tripadvisor Review Scraper? 

With the Tripadvisor review scraper, you can scrape usernames, review texts, user ratings & review images(if any) from:

  • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Local attractions
  • Things-to-do 
  • Vacation rentals & much more.

What can be scraped using Tripadvisor hotel reviews scraper

How to Use the Tripadvisor Hotel Review Scraper? 

Scrape reviews using the Tripadvisor review scraper with just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Create an Account on ScrapeHero Cloud Account

You can create an account on ScrapeHero Marketplace by clicking on the link below. Once you open it, sign up with your email address to use the Tripadvisor hotel review scraper. 

ScrapeHero cloud's login page

If you are a first-time user, you can test your desired crawler for up to 25 pages for free before subscribing.

Step 2: Add the Tripadvisor Scraper to Your Account & Feed the Relevant Inputs

You can find the Tripadvisor hotel and restaurant review scraper under the Crawlers tab on ScrapeHero Marketplace. Once you find the Tripadvisor review scraper, click on ‘Add this crawler to my account.’

Tripadvisor crawler on ScrapeHero Cloud

Easy mode: If you opt for the easy mode, you will be required to feed in two main inputs: ‘Hotel or Place URL(s) from Tripadvisor’ & the ‘Number of review pages to scrape.’

Data input fields for Tripadvisor crawler

Here’s how you can find the right URL: Visit & choose the desired place. Next, apply filters according to your preferences &  copy the URL of the Tripadvisor results page. Now, paste the URL into the scraper. 

We have chosen to scrape the Tripadvisor hotel reviews of Margaritaville Resort, Palm Springs, for this tutorial. 

Advanced Mode: In this mode, you can also name your scraper under the ‘Input‘ tab. This mode comprises the following data input fields:

Data input fields in Advanced mode

In case you are using the free plan, it is ideal to use only three input URL(s) at a time. You can add more than 1 URL by separating each with a new line (press Enter key).  

After adding the URL(s) of the desired place, the number of review pages you wish to scrape for the same, click on ‘Save Settings.’

Save the desired inputs on the crawler

If you wish to extract all the reviews for the place, leave the ‘Number of review pages to scrape’ data field blank.

Step 3: Run the Tripadvisor Hotel Review Scraper & Extract the Data

Once you feed the inputs in the crawler, click on ‘Gather Data.’

Gather data using the Tripadvisor hotel review scraper

You can quickly check the status of your scraper under the Jobs tab. If the status shows ‘Running,’ it means that your data is still being gathered. 

Check the status of your Tripadvisor hotel review scraper

If the status shows ‘Finished,’ it implies that the crawler has finished the job.

Check the status of your Tripadvisor hotel scraper

Step 4: Download Your Data

You can now download the gathered results. They will be presented to you in a structured format that you can either ‘View‘ or ‘Download.’ You can download these results onto your computer in Excel, CSV, or JSON formats.

Download gathered Tripadvisor hotel reviews data

You can choose your preferred download format by clicking on the ‘Download‘ button in the table under the ‘Jobs‘ section. Here’s how the downloaded data looks like in Excel format:

Snapshot of gathered data in Excel format

Features of the Tripadvisor Hotel Review Scraper

Schedule Your Scraping 

With ScrapeHero Cloud, you can schedule your Tripadvisor hotel review scraper to collect data at desired intervals.



Available under the Integrations tab, this feature helps automate the Tripadvisor review scraper.


Data Delivered to Your Dropbox Directly

You can avail of the Dropbox feature with a paid subscription to ScrapeHero Cloud. It ensures that the gathered data is delivered directly to your Dropbox. You can find it under the Integrations tab.

Let ScrapeHero Be Your Data Partner

Apart from scraping Tripadvisor hotel & restaurant reviews, other pre-built scrapers on ScrapeHero Cloud can extract data from: 

  • Professional job boards 
  • Social media platforms 
  • Amazon
  • Google & much more. 

You do not need to put in extra effort or worry about downloading additional software into your computer. Simply use the desired scraper from your browser at your convenience, assign a scraping task & get the collected data delivered to your inbox. In case you have specific data requirements, ScrapeHero can also build a custom scraper apt for your needs. 

We can help with your data or automation needs

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