How to Scrape Google Without Coding

This tutorial will show you how to scrape Google data for free using the ScrapeHero Cloud. Using these crawlers we will be scraping Google Search Results Page, Google Maps, and Google Reviews. 

Here are the steps to scrape Google

  1. Create the ScrapeHero Cloud account
  2. Select the Google crawler you would like to run – Google Search Result Scraper, Google Maps Scraper, or Google Reviews Scraper
  3. Enter the list of input URLs
  4. Run the scraper and download the data

The ScrapeHero Cloud has pre-built scrapers that can Scrape Job data, Scrape Real Estate Data, Scrape Social Media and more. Web scraping using ScrapeHero Cloud is easy as the crawlers are cloud-based and you need not worry about selecting the fields to be scraped nor download any software. The scraper and the data can be accessed from any browser at any time. You can also get the data delivered directly to your Dropbox.

If you don't like or want to code, ScrapeHero Cloud is just right for you!

Skip the hassle of installing software, programming and maintaining the code. Download this data using ScrapeHero cloud within seconds.

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Create a ScrapeHero Cloud Account

Before using a crawler in ScrapeHero Cloud, an account must be created. To sign up, go to  – and create an account with your email address.

Each account lets you test a crawler by allowing you to scrape 25 pages for free before subscribing. Below we have provided a detailed explanation on how to use the different Google crawlers that are available on ScrapeHero Cloud.

How to Scrape Google Search Results Page

Since Google does not provide an API, it is difficult to gather Google search results data without purchasing expensive tools. We can scrape Google SERP data using the Google Search Results Scraper in the ScrapeHero Cloud. The ScrapeHero Cloud allows you to scrape Google search result pages for a variety of search terms in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Using the ScrapeHero Cloud, you can scrape Google search results to gather details from Google Knowledge Graph, monitor organic and paid search results, gather news articles, and more within a few clicks.

Here is what we will scrape from Google Search Results Page

  1. Search Rank
  2. Results Type
  3. Title
  4. URL
  5. Breadcrumb
  6. Description
  7. Published Date
  8. Search Keyword
  9. Infobox (Knowledge Graph)

This crawler accepts input based on a search query. Here is an example – Top universities in UK


You may add as many queries as required, as long as a new line separates each one. After you have input all the search queries, enter the number of pages to scrape. If you keep this section blank the crawler will only download the results from the first page of Google search results.


You can start scraping the data by clicking on ‘Gather Data’. When you click on ‘View Data’ you have the option to choose either the Infobox or Search Results. 

The crawler gives you the option to download the Search Results and the Infobox (Google Knowledge Graph) as two separate datasets.

Here is a sample of what the scraped Google Search Results data will look like:


How to scrape Google Maps

Google Maps allows users to search for businesses in any zip code, county, city, state, or country using specific keywords. The Google Maps Search Results crawler allows you to gather business information from Google Maps by entering a keyword and location combination.

While we can use Google Maps to find businesses manually, this would be an arduous process. Using ScrapeHero Cloud automates the process of extracting data from Google maps on a large scale and can help generate sales leads.

Here is what we will scrape from Google Maps

  1. Business Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Website
  5. Rating
  6. Reviews
  7. Category
  8. Status
  9. GeoCoordinates
  10. Place ID
  11. Review URL
  12. Timings

Log in to your ScrapeHero Cloud account and add the Google Maps Scraper

Next, provide the input for the crawler. Here is an example – restaurants in Boston


You can add as many keywords as you would like with each one separated by a new line. Once you provide a list of inputs to the crawler and start the crawler, it will take a few minutes to scrape all the results from the Google Maps results page. 


In addition, you also have the option to schedule the scraper to run on a regular interval, allowing you to check for new businesses in an area using Google Maps.

Here is a sample of what the scraped Google Maps data will look like:


How to scrape Google Reviews

Google Reviews improves local search ranking, trust and credibility with consumers, and can influence consumer decisions. A user can search for a business and find reviews and ratings using Google Reviews. 

The Google Reviews Scraper by ScrapeHero Cloud allows you to gather information from Google Reviews based on Google review URLs or Place IDs

Here is what we will scrape from Google Reviews

  1. Business Name
  2. Address
  3. Aggregated Rating
  4. Total Reviews
  5. Ratings
  6. Author
  7. Reviews Images
  8. Posted Date

After creating an account in ScrapeHero Cloud we will obtain a Google review URL based on a query in the Google search bar. Here is an example for Eiffel Tower –,1,,,


You will see the link to the Google reviews in the Infobox.

The scraper also accepts Google Place ID as inputs. You can use the Google Maps crawler mentioned above to gather Place IDs and use those as input for the Google Review Scraper.

Once you provide the review URLs/Place IDs you can get all the scraped review data in minutes. The crawler can scrape reviews using filters such as the most relevant, newest, highest, and lowest rating. 


You can run the scraper on a schedule to keep getting new and updated Google reviews. Here is a sample of what the scraped Google Review data will look like:


If you need to scrape Google with better location-specific results or need more data fields and attributes, ScrapeHero can create a custom plan for you and help you get started.

How to Scrape Google Search Results without getting banned?

ScrapeHero Cloud can scrape Google search results without getting blocked. It has been designed to avoid IP bans and CAPTCHA to ensure that users can scrape 1000+ search queries at a time. You need not worry about getting blocked due to scraping or rotating proxies, ScrapeHero Cloud helps you scrape Google without getting blocked. Just provide your inputs to the crawler and wait for the crawler to complete running.

The internet is full of information and Google’s search engine is remarkably the best when it comes to returning search results. Not only can web scraping Google show a company how high their website page appears on a Google results page, but it can also give a glimpse of how many keywords their website is using on any given page. Knowing how to utilize SEO will keep your business highly competitive and scraping Google results is a tactical way to gain an understanding of those SEO practices.

When marketing is a huge factor in introducing a brand to the public, a tool like ScrapeHero Cloud will help collect data to know how competitors are advertising products. The more data you have, the better you are able to market to a target audience and relate to potential customers. Utilizing the extraction abilities of a Google scraper is a fast, effective way to understand customers and cultivate unique marketing tactics.

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