Extract all reviews from Amazon.com with just Google Chrome

In this article, we will show you how to scrape all product reviews for a particular product or products, by using just a browser and a Chrome extension called Web Scraper. You will not need any special software, programming or other skills to monitor reviews about a handful of your own products on Amazon.

What data are we extracting from Amazon?

For this tutorial we will only extract the following fields from the products review page:

  1. Author
  2. Title
  3. Date
  4. Content
  5. Rating

Below is the annotated screenshot of the fields of one review:



  • Google Chrome Browser – You will need to download the Chrome browser. The extension requires Chrome 49+.
  • Web Scraper Chrome Extension – The Web Scraper extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.  After downloading the extension you will see a spider icon in your browser toolbar.

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The Amazon Review Scraper

Using Web Scraper extension, you can create a sitemap that shows how the website should be traversed and what data should be extracted. The setup process is fairly simple, you can follow some of our other Web Scraper Extension tutorials or Documentation if you need to know more.

Here is the step by step video to extract reviews from Amazon:

Import Scraper

After you have installed the extension right-click anywhere on a page, go to ‘Inspect’ and the Developer Tools console will pop up. Click on the tab ‘Web Scraper’ and go on to the ‘Create new sitemap’ button and click on the ‘Import sitemap’ option. Now paste the JSON below into the Sitemap JSON box.

Copy the JSON above and import into Web Scraper Extension, as shown below. If you have trouble copying, please copy from Github.


We will extract reviews from the product review page – https://www.amazon.com/Screen-Protector-SPARIN-Tempered-Glass/product-reviews/B013JZCAZK/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_viewopt_sr?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews&pageNumber=1&filterByStar=one_star

You can scrape other URLs by editing the metadata. In the Web Scraper toolbar, click on the Sitemap button (which would have changed to sitemap ‘your sitemap name’ now) and select the “Edit metadata’ option and paste the new URL as the Start URL.

Here is how


Run the Scraper


To start scraping, go to the Sitemap and click ‘Scrape’ from the drop down. A new instance of Chrome will launch, enabling the extension to scroll and grab the data. Once the scrape is complete, the browser will close automatically and send a notification.

Download the Data as CSV

To download the scraped data as a CSV file that you can open in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, go to the Sitemap drop down > Export as CSV > Download Now


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Jordan February 9, 2019


Thank you for this guide – very helpful!

Is there a way to also scrape the “___ people found this helpful” field for each review using this scraping method?

Thank you!


    ScrapeHero February 10, 2019

    You should be able to edit this sitemap using the chrome extension and add that field.


boop February 15, 2019

Hi guys, tried doing this but it didn’t scrape all the reviews, it only got like 260 out of 320. Any ideas? I did it twice, same issue


    ScrapeHero February 16, 2019

    Can you please paste the ASIN you are trying this for ?


SV February 23, 2019

@boop is correct. There’s something wrong as it doesn’t scrape all the reviews. If there are around 190 reviews, it only scrapes 155. @ScrapeHero, can you please look that issue and let us all know why it that the case? Otherwise, it is a powerful tool but the fact that it doesn’t get all the reviews is somewhat annoying. Would appreciate a quick response. Thanks.


    ScrapeHero April 2, 2019

    We just checked this for a product with 4000+ reviews, and was able to get all of it. We did notice that amazon does not show all the reviews or cuts off the pagination abruptly if it flags you as a scraper. You might want to try scraping slower by using a higher delay.


J.E April 2, 2019

Hello, Thanks to you, I was able to crawl reviews too easily! However, I’ve crawled 23000+ reviews several times, but only 5001 data can be collected. @ScrapeHero Can you tell me how to crawl all the reviews(23000+)? Thanks!!


Tamanna April 29, 2019

any better format to export the file, CSV is not giving you best output.


Michael June 14, 2019

Thank you for the tutorial and getting me started on web scraping! I am trying to scrape the reviews I wrote myself by going to my Amazon Profile page (Amazon does not have an option to export your own data), and create a Sitemap from there. We shall see whether I’ll be successful 🙂

Eventually, I will also try to figure out if there’s a way to compare 2 scrapes and find out what’s different between the two (to more quickly detect changes — like, new comments were added). Thanks again!


Steven March 4, 2020

Hi. I am a newbie here. This is an awesome tool. I would like to get some help from the community. I am using the JSON file provided in this link: https://gist.github.com/scrapehero/cefaf014076b953f865a63ad453d507b.

I would like to edit the JSON file to do 3 things:
1. Add the product name as a column in each line in the output. For eg: New iPad 9.7″ (2018 & 2017)…
1. Remove the next and next-href columns in the output
2. Remove the web-scraper-start-url column in the output

Can someone please share the code to be able to do the above?

Many thanks.


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