Market Data Analysis

An analysis of 15,717 listed properties shedding light on the Miami real estate market.


hero infographic highlighting some insights, a leading online real estate listing platform, is an important resource for anyone involved in the housing market. Whether you’re a homebuyer, seller, real estate agent, or market analyst, understanding data for real estate can provide invaluable insights into current trends, pricing, and overall market dynamics.

This blog will shed light on market data. By analyzing this data, we aim to discover patterns, trends, and insights that can help stakeholders make informed decisions in the real estate market.

The data for this analysis was obtained using the ScrapeHero scraper. In the following sections, we will look into the insights obtained from our extensive analysis of over 15717 properties listed on in Miami, Florida.

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Miami has long been a dynamic real estate market in the US, attracting both domestic and international buyers. The city’s popularity among realtors owes to its stunning coastal location, diverse culture, and status as a major hub for finance, commerce, and tourism.

A bird’s eye view of properties listed in Miami

Average Price: Insights from Homes.Com Housing Market Data

What are the current real estate market trends in Miami? Here’s what we found out by scraping the real estate data available on

Our market data analysis reveals that various properties characterize Miami’s real estate market. It can be observed that there is a stark price difference between the types of homes in Miami. This highlights Miami’s diverse real estate offerings, catering to different preferences and budgets. market data analysis showing the average prices of different properties

Single-family homes are the most expensive property type on the market, with the average price at approximately $2.65 million. Whereas the average price for condominiums is significantly lower than single-family homes, at around $1.34 million. Condos are a popular choice due to their affordability relative to single-family homes and the amenities they often include.

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What are the most popular neighborhoods in Miami for homebuyers and realtors? market data analysis showing the cities with the highest property prices in Miami

The graph illustrates the cities in Miami with the highest average property prices according to housing market data. Golden Beach tops with an average property price of about $14.4 million, marking it the most luxurious locale in the dataset.

Fisher Island follows with an equally impressive average of $13 million. The graph also shows more affordable options like Sunny Isles Beach, where the average price hovers around $2.2 million.

The data shows the diversity of Miami’s housing landscape, making housing data analysis key for any real estate market analysis in the region.

Resale vs. New Construction: Real Estate Market Analysis Using Homes.Com

The graph below presents a comparative overview of data for real estate in Miami, focusing on the distribution between resale and new construction properties.

market data analysis comparing resale vs. newly constructed properties in Miami

According to the market data analysis, resale properties overwhelmingly dominate the market, with a total count of 14,614, compared to a significantly lower figure of 1,036 for new construction homes. This contrast highlights a robust resale housing market and points to potential consumer preferences that favor existing homes over new builds. market data analysis comparing the average prices of resale vs. newly constructed properties in Miami

The comparison between new construction and resale homes in Miami points to a substantial difference in average prices: new constructions stand at a steep average, while resale homes have a much lower average. This suggests that while the resale market has a greater volume of properties, as discussed in the first graph, new constructions have a much higher price.

Year of Construction and Price: Insights from Homes.Com Housing Data Analysis

There is a clear upward trajectory in the average price of properties in Miami as per the year they were built. Starting from the period of 1993-1998, there is a noticeable fluctuation in prices over subsequent five-year intervals. Notably, the period of 2003-2008 saw a dip which could be due to market conditions at the time.

market data analysis showing the price trends of properties by their year of construction

However, from 2008 onwards, housing market data shows a consistent rise, with the latest period of 2018-2023 reaching an average price peak.

The market data analysis reveals a clear increase in property values over time for new constructions. This trend can be read along with earlier data showing the prominence of resale properties in Miami’s housing market.

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Miami’s Love for Condos: Findings from Homes.Com Housing Market Data

Our housing data analysis revealed that Miami’s real estate scenario has a strong affinity for condominiums. Condos stand out as the most frequently listed property type on, with the highest sales and rental activities in the area.

types of properties listed on in Miami

Condos lead at 62.18% of the type of properties listed in Miami on Townhomes, co-ops, multi-family, and manufactured homes trail significantly, with townhomes being the closest at 8.43%.

market data analysis showing the types of properties sold on in Miami

Condos again take the lead on the list of the number of property types sold in Miami through Townhouses and manufactured homes fall behind, with 2,794 and 32 units sold, respectively.

market data analysis showing the types of properties listed for rent on in Miami

We also observed the properties available for rent in Miami as listed on Condos are the most numbered, with 6,226 units listed for rent. This suggests that the rental market is also heavily skewed towards condos, reinforcing the trend seen in sales and listings.

Final Thoughts on Homes.Com Market Data Analysis

As seen in our blog, the analysis of market data revealed interesting insights about the dynamic nature of the Miami real estate market. The importance of the ScrapeHero Homes.Com Crawler in this analysis cannot be overstated. Access to accurate and comprehensive data is crucial in a market as competitive and diverse as Miami’s.

The crawler on ScrapeHero Cloud facilitated Miami’s efficient real estate analysis by providing detailed and up-to-date market data. A web scraping tool like this is indispensable for anyone in the real estate business. By using the insights obtained by analyzing the real estate data, market participants can efficiently navigate the real estate scenario.

ScrapeHero also offers an extensive range of services that are tailored to precisely and effectively fulfill your data extraction requirements. We guarantee easy access to important data across various domains by utilizing cutting-edge technology and knowledgeable support.


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