Why and How to Scrape Third-Party Seller Data on Amazon

Amazon’s marketplace is a dynamic and competitive arena. The ability to scrape third-party seller data on Amazon is more crucial than ever for brands and sellers. Sellers can gain invaluable insights to stay ahead of the competition by utilizing tools for Amazon product monitoring.

Even as major brands like Nike have ceased direct sales on Amazon, their products continue to be available through third-party sellers. Monitoring these sellers is crucial for brands to maintain control over their product distribution and reputation. For example, as of 2023, a significant number of Nike products are still sold by third-party sellers, necessitating vigilant Amazon product monitoring.

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Understanding the Landscape: Scrape Product Data from Amazon

In the current e-commerce climate, Amazon SERP (Search Engine Results Page) scraping is an essential strategy. For brand owners, scraping third-party seller data is a way to monitor and protect their brand.

How to Scrape Amazon Third-Party Seller Information?

Advanced tools allow for detailed data extraction from Amazon. For instance, using an Amazon Search Results Scraper, sellers can obtain product ASINs. ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a unique identifier number assigned to each product on Amazon. This means that regardless of how many sellers offer the same product, the ASIN remains the same across all these listings.

By using the ASIN, a seller can search and find all the listings for that specific product. Scraping Amazon SERP will help identify all the competitors who are selling the same product, their pricing strategies, and how they position their products in terms of marketing and promotion.

The ASINs scraped from Amazon can then be input into an Amazon Product Offer Listings Scraper. It enables sellers to monitor their ASINs for critical factors such as competitor sellers, seller shipping locations, shipping times, product conditions, and seller ratings. This method provides deep insights into third-party seller activities and product offerings on Amazon.

Both these scrapers are free and easy-to-use tools. One doesn’t require any coding knowledge to use these scrapers. Since these run online, there is no installation requirement as well.

Understanding the dynamics of third-party sellers on Amazon, such as the percentage of Prime-eligible products and the distribution of seller ratings, is vital for effective market analysis and strategy development.

The sections below explore the importance of scraping product data from Amazon, focusing on how data product details from Amazon can empower sellers and buyers.

The data for this analysis was obtained by utilizing different Amazon scrapers from ScrapeHero Cloud.

Let us dive into the insights obtained from our analysis of 6098 Nike shoes on Amazon.

Major Third-Party Sellers Offering Nike Shoes

Scraping product data of Nike from Amazon reveals that Shoe Webster is the largest third-party seller, offering significantly more Nike shoes (232 pairs) than any other seller on the list. The top three sellers (Shoe Webster, FAM Enterprises, and Carousell USA) account for a substantial portion of the Nike shoes offered, suggesting that they are major players in this market on Amazon.

Bar graph showing the major third-party sellers of Nike shoes on Amazon. Analyzing this data can give major insights into why it is important to scrape third-party seller data on Amazon.

Ratings for Third-Party Sellers of Nike Shoes on Amazon

Analyzing the product data scraped from Amazon shows that a significant majority of sellers have high ratings. This is indicated by the large segments of the chart dedicated to 4-star and 5-star ratings.

Bar graph showing the ratings given for the third-party sellers of Nike shoes on Amazon. Analyzing this can give major insights into why it is important to scrape third-party seller data on Amazon.

Sellers with a 5-star rating dominate the landscape, with 3,318 sellers, followed by those with a 4-star rating at 2,061 sellers. This suggests that customers are generally satisfied with the sellers of Nike shoes on Amazon, which could be due to good customer service, product quality, accurate listings, or a combination of these factors.

Prime-Eligible Nike Shoes on Amazon Sold by Third-Party Sellers

Examining the proportion of Prime-eligible products among third-party sellers gives insights into consumer preferences and seller strategies. This analysis is crucial for brands and sellers aiming to optimize their presence on Amazon.

Bar graph comparing Prime-eligible Nike shoes to non-Prime shoes from third-party sellers on Amazon. Analyzing this can give insights into why it is important to scrape third-party seller data on Amazon.

The data received by scraping Amazon listings suggests that there is market demand for both Prime and non-Prime-eligible Nike shoes. But, the demand for Prime-eligible ones may be higher due to the associated benefits. There are 3,631 pairs of Nike shoes that are eligible for Amazon Prime benefits in contrast to 2,467 pairs of Nike shoes that are not eligible for Amazon Prime benefits.

The prominence of Prime-eligible shoes suggests that third-party sellers recognize the customer preference for Prime benefits, which include faster, often free shipping, and potentially better service. This may be a strategic choice by sellers to attract more customers who are Prime members.

The Need to Scrape Third-Party Seller Data on Amazon: Protecting Brand Integrity

Due to an increase in the number of counterfeit products being sold on Amazon, many big brands have decided to officially stop selling their products on Amazon. More companies may consider walking away to avoid diluting their brand due to fake goods that can be found on Amazon’s marketplace. While Amazon allows larger brands to report and remove counterfeit listings, third-party sellers have an upper hand as they account for more than 50% of unit sales.

By scraping third-party seller data, brands can monitor unauthorized and competitor sellers, ensuring their customers receive authentic and high-quality products. This practice is key to maintaining brand value and customer trust.

ScrapeHero Cloud represents a user-friendly solution for those who want to scrape product data from Amazon or any other platform. This online marketplace offers many pre-built scrapers that facilitate the scraping of relevant data without the need for software installation or programming expertise.

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