How Many Products Does Amazon Sell Worldwide – January 2018

How Many Products Does Amazon Sell Worldwide in 2018?

Amazon lists more than 3 billion products across 11 marketplaces worldwide.

We took a look at the number of products Amazon lists online for more than its 300 million customers.

Today, Amazon U.S. has the highest number of products – 564 million. Amazon’s product selection has expanded by 208 million products since Jan 2017. The chart below shows the number of products in January 2018 and December 2017 on Amazon around the world.



Amazon’s catalog is grouped into dozens of categories for all types of consumers. It’s clear Amazon is miles ahead of any other retailer.

Amazon Netherlands, the newest entrant, only has Kindle Store but still boasts 6.3 million products.

Significant Changes Over the Past Month

The graph below shows the percentage difference in the number of how many products are available in each marketplace between December 2017 and January 2018.


Amazon India’s number of products increased the most followed by Australia and the U.S.

Amazon is now running in Australia, expanding its products to 20 categories, offering millions of products and one-day delivery service in some areas. Amazon has been stepping up efforts to expand in Asia, offering more Prime delivery service to a selection of merchandise.

The table below shows the number of products listed on Amazon worldwide during December 2017 and January 2018.

Amazon Country December 2017 January 2018 US 556 million 564 million GERMANY 412 million 389 million UK 396 million 370million FRANCE 327 million 309 million JAPAN 273 million 260 million ITALY 266 million 257 million SPAIN 250 million 240 million CANADA 189 million 180 million INDIA 143 million 168 million MEXICO 75.9 million 67.6 million BRAZIL 34.8 million 35.2 million CHINA 24.7 million 25.3 million AUSTRALIA 21 million 24.7 million NETHERLANDS 6.2 million 6.3 million

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No Name August 31, 2018

Where do you get to know about it? Did amazon share it?

    ScrapeHero August 31, 2018

    Yes – the data is all public

donovan meintjes April 24, 2019

i want to know the percentage of all country’s that uses Amazon the most, like a Chart

Hunter Johnson June 13, 2019

Is this data available for 2019?

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