Number of Products sold on Amazon vs Walmart- January 2017

As of January 2017, Walmart has a total of 16,859,211 products on sale compared to’s 356,901,798 products. It’s clear that Amazon is still miles ahead of Walmart in the eCommerce space.

Walmart has only 4.7% of the products that Amazon has to offer.

Walmart vs Amazon (Products for sale)

Here is a comparison of the number of products on sale at and

Month over Month Growth – December 2016 to January 2017 on Walmart and Amazon’s product portfolio has increased by almost 600k since last month. While that may sound like a big number, those changes are commonplace on However, it does demonstrate how fast Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon.

Walmart has grown to be the second-largest online retailer and are still striving to add new products.

Amazon did have a drop in the number of products they list in their website but such wide changes are fairly common on Amazon. However, it’s still at the top of the eCommerce chain in terms of the number of products it has for sale with 356,901,798 products.

What’s selling at Walmart

Walmart seems to be leading in terms of delivery time and customer value. With Walmart’s low prices and an assortment of products, customers are getting the best shopping experience right from their homes.

Acquiring in mid last year has allowed Walmart to make online shopping more seamless.

Here’s a chart showing the Top 10 categories at

The “Home” department has the highest number of products with around 3 million products, followed by Electronics and Jewelry.

Auto & Tires and Jewelry have increased their products by another hundred thousand within the past month.

Below is a table for the count of all the Categories offered by Walmart.

Walmart has a lot of ground to cover to catch up with Amazon and it is going to be interesting to watch this race over the next couple of years.


Rae July 22, 2017

I have been tracking your data and am wondering why the SKU count for all categories does not align with the monthly SKU count for Walmart? For example for this post, the sum of all categories is 21,000,184 while the reported number of SKUs is 16,859,211. Are SKUs counted more than once across categories?

    ScrapeHero July 24, 2017

    Few products are counted multiple times when they belong to more than one top level category.- although it’s frowned upon by Amazon. There is a thread going on about it here

    So the total count always shows the real numbers, and the category counts we have here is just for giving an idea about how big each category is.

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