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Lead generation is an essential part of running a business. It is important for businesses to generate b2b leads to have a steady flow of leads for the sales and marketing team to contact, web scraping can help businesses to easily gather leads from the internet. The recent pandemic situation has pushed businesses to go digital and update contact information so that people can reach out to them personally for their services rather than visit their stores. Google allows businesses to list their information making it easier for people to find them and contact them. In this tutorial, we will show you how businesses can generate b2b leads from Google for free using Google Maps Crawler and Contact Detail Crawler available on ScrapeHero Cloud.

In order to scrape Google for business leads, first we will be gathering data from Google Maps also known as Google Places using the Google Maps Search result crawler. Google Maps allows businesses to add their details such as business name, website, phone number, and address. Google Maps Search Result crawler by ScrapeHeroCloud allows you to gather business information from Google Maps by entering a keyword and location.

Second, we will be using the contact detail scraper to gather data directly from websites’ contact us page. The contact detail crawler will help us enrich the data scraped earlier using the Google Maps crawler. The scraper will take any website as input and will scrape the contact information such as email, phone number, and social media links, available in the contact us and about us page of the website. Both these crawlers will allow you to generate b2b leads that are qualified and updated within minutes.

Google maps allow users to search for businesses in any zip code, county, city, state, or country using specific keywords. While we can use Google Maps to find businesses manually, this would be time-consuming and error-prone. Google Maps Crawler allows you to provide a keyword such as “Dentists in Naperville” as input and scrape the information returned by Google Maps within minutes.

Here is a sample of what the scraped data would like:


Once you provide a list of inputs to the crawler and start the crawler, the crawler will take a few minutes to scrape all the results from Google Map results page. You will be able to download the data in CSV, JSON, and XML formats after the crawler has finished running. In addition, you also have the option to schedule the scraper to run on a regular interval, allowing you to check for new businesses in an area using Google Maps.


How to scrape contact info from websites using Contact Detail Crawler?

We will be using the contact detail crawler to enhance the data scraped using the Google Maps crawler. The contact detail scraper has been designed to visit the Contact Us and About Us page of the input websites and gather information such as email id, phone number, and social media links. This crawler will allow us to scrape additional information from the business website which may not be available in Google.

Here is a sample of what the scraped data would like:


In order to gather lead information for your requirement, input the websites scraped using the Google crawler to the contact detail crawler. Once the crawler has finished running, you will be able download contact information from these websites in CSV, JSON and XML formats.


Why Scrape Sales Leads?

Targeted sales saves you time and resources. Web scraping can help you achieve a high level of targeting by gathering relevant b2b leads from the Internet. Provide your sales team qualified sales leads allowing them to reach out to the right people and effectively execute your sales campaigns. Social media links gathered using the contact detail crawler can be used to gather social media data from competitor brands.

ScrapeHero Cloud is a browser-based scraping platform that allows you to scrape web data without the need to download software or learn how to code. The simple and user-friendly interface requires you to only enter a valid search query to begin the scraping process. Each crawler also has a free plan which allows you to test the crawler for free before subscribing.

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