Lead Scraping: Generate Leads from Yelp and Google

Generating qualified sales leads can help your business reach out to the right people and aid the success of your company. By leveraging lead scraping you can discover quality leads and achieve a high level of targeting. In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate b2b leads using the Google Maps Crawler and Yelp Business Details Crawler. Following that, we will use the Contact Detail Crawler to further enhance our leads data.

Here are the steps for lead scraping using ScrapeHero Cloud

  1. Create the ScrapeHero Cloud account.
  2. Select the crawler you would like to run –  Google Maps Search Results crawler or Yelp Business Details Crawler.
  3. Enter the list of input URLs or search queries.
  4. Run the crawler and download the data.
  5. Add the Contact Details Crawler and enter the list of input website URLs extracted from the Google or Yelp Crawler.
  6. Run the Contact Details scraper and download the data.

We will be gathering business details using the Google Maps Search Results Crawler and the Yelp Business Details Crawler. These crawlers by ScrapeHero Cloud allow you to gather business information by entering a keyword and location. Then we will use the Contact Detail Crawler to gather contact information based on the website URLs extracted using the Google and Yelp crawlers. The Contact Detail Crawler helps you gather information such as – email, phone numbers and social media links of businesses.

The ScrapeHero Cloud has pre-built scrapers that can Scrape eCommerce, Scrape Real Estate Data, Scrape Social Media, and more. Web scraping using ScrapeHero Cloud is easy as the crawlers are cloud-based and you need not worry about selecting the fields to be scraped nor download any software. The scraper and the data can be accessed from any browser at any time and you can also get the data delivered directly to your Dropbox.

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Why Generate Leads using Web Scraping?

Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important and essential step for a company’s success. However, it is difficult to generate qualified leads to feed your sales funnel. Web scraping can help businesses to easily gather leads from the internet.

Companies spend a lot of money on getting sales leads, however, small businesses do not have a huge budget. This leads to small businesses purchasing old and unreliable data at a cheaper rate. Web scraping can be harnessed to scrape data directly from different sources to generate leads. These web scrapers are easy to use and help save time and money. Allowing you to have quality leads at a low cost and the budget can be used on other important things.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data is essential for any marketing and sales endeavor. However, access to data is something that distinguishes two marketers at times. Web scraping can make the data available to formulate business strategies. You can ease the process of lead scraping if you use web crawling tools or web scraping services such as ScrapeHero. It may be inefficient to try to do that by yourself manually as you may lose your time and not have any meaningful results.

Let’s move on to lead scraping and gathering contact information using the crawlers in ScrapeHero Cloud.

Create a ScrapeHero Cloud Account

Before using a crawler in ScrapeHero Cloud, an account must be created. To sign up, go to  – https://cloud.scrapehero.com/accounts/login/ and create an account with your email address.


Each account lets you test a regular crawler by allowing you to scrape 25 pages for free before subscribing. 

Using both the Google Maps Crawler and Yelp Business Details Crawler we extracted the data on “Family owned restaurants in San Diego, CA”.

How to scrape business details from Google Maps

Google Maps allow users to search for businesses in any zip code, county, city, state, or country using specific keywords. While we can use Google Maps to find businesses manually, this would be time-consuming and error-prone. Google Maps Crawler allows you to provide a keyword such as “Doctors in Trenton” as input and scrape the information returned by Google Maps within minutes.

For this post, we used the search keyword ‘family owned restaurants in San Diego’. The screenshot below shows the data we will be extracting:


Once you provide a list of search queries and the number of pages to scrape, you can start the crawler. It will take a few minutes to scrape all the results from the Google Map results page. You will be able to download the data in CSV, JSON, and XML formats after the crawler has finished running. In addition, you also have the option to schedule the scraper to run on a regular interval, allowing you to check for new businesses in an area using Google Maps.


Here is a sample of what the scraped business data will look like:


How to scrape business details from Yelp 

Using the Yelp Business Details Crawler you can extract the name, address, phone number, website, rating, reviews, coordinates, and more. The Yelp scraper accepts both Yelp Search Results URL and the Yelp business details URL.

We created a search results URL by searching ‘family owned’ as the keyword and San Deigo, CA in the restaurant category as the location:


You can input the URL and enter the number of pages you would like to scrape.


After the scrape is complete you can download the data in CSV, JSON, and XML formats. In addition, you also have the option to schedule the scraper to run on a regular interval, allowing you to check for new businesses on Yelp.

Here is a sample of what the data will look like:


How to get qualified sales leads using Contact Details Crawler

We will be using the Contact Detail Crawler to enhance the data scraped by the Google Maps and Yelp crawler. The Contact Detail Scraper has been designed to visit the Contact Us and About Us page of websites to gather information such as email ID, phone number, and social media links. This crawler will allow us to scrape additional information from the business website which may not be available in Google and Yelp.

Get Email ID of Yelp Businesses

From the previous two crawlers, we were able to extract a few data fields regarding contact information such as phone numbers and website URLs. Here is an example based on the data crawled from the Yelp Business Details Crawler:


If you check the image of the scraped Yelp data above, you will notice that the business ‘Steak N Fries’ only has the phone number and website listed on their Yelp business page. But other useful contact information such as the business email ID and social media links were not available on Yelp, hence they were not extracted.

To get additional contact information from a business website scraped using Yelp crawler, we will be using the Contact Details crawler. The Contact Details Crawler will take the website URL scraped as the input.


After the data is scraped you will be able to download the data in CSV, JSON, and XML formats.

The screenshot below shows the data that was extracted. The email ID, phone numbers, and social media links of all the website URLs were obtained. You can see how we have successfully extracted the contact information for the ‘Steak N Fries’ restaurant.


Extract Email ID of Businesses Listed on Google Maps

Similarly in the Google Maps Search Results Crawler, we were able to extract all phone numbers but no additional contact information such as email. Here is an example based on the data:


You can see that while we have the website and phone number for the ‘Cane Patch Kitchen’ we do not have an email ID or their social media information. By providing the website URL as input to the Contact Details Crawler we will be able to scrape additional contact info from those businesses.


You can see how we have successfully extracted the email and social media information for the ‘Cane Patch Kitchen’ restaurant.

These are just examples of how you can use multiple crawlers for lead scraping using the ScrapeHero Cloud. If you have your own set of website URLs you can easily obtain the contact information you need.

Social Media Lead Generation Using Web Scraping

Social media is a great medium to reach out to businesses as well. However, getting the social media information of a particular type of business can be complicated and time-consuming. Social media scraping can help you gather social media leads effectively and easily. The Contact Details Crawler can help you gather social media links of businesses allowing you to reach out to businesses through social media websites as well.

The image below shows you the social media links gathered by the Contact Details Crawler.


Custom Solution to Gather Sales Leads Data

Gathering sales leads data using the crawlers available in ScrapeHero Cloud is just one method to extract data. You can also extract leads data by creating and building your own scrapers.

Maintaining and building your own crawlers is a complex project and requires planning, budget, and necessary skills. You can use a full-service provider such as ScrapeHero to do this for you. We can provide real-time data that you can rely on, while you make important investment decisions and deliver custom data sets based on your exact business requirements. Our data experts can help you finalize websites and data that will fit your need.

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