Web Scraping Hotel and Homestay Data

The global hospitality industry has witnessed record growth in the last decade. The rise of emerging markets, improved earning capacity, and technological advancements are among the top reasons that have positively impacted the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. 

Businesses can take advantage of web scraping services to scrape hotel and homestay data from popular travel websites. You can utilize the data to understand hotel prices, consumer preferences, patterns, and more.

Why Scrape Hotel and Homestay Data?

Web scraping is the process of extracting large amounts of data from target websites. Popular travel websites such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, and more are home to hundreds and thousands of hotel and homestay listings. These platforms are used by millions of travelers, making them an excellent source for discovering valuable business insights. 

Discover Popular Locations and Trends

For instance, with the help of data scraped from popular travel portals, one can find out the popular destinations among travelers. Prices at such popular locations, the facilities expected by customers, cancellation policies, and more data can be easily found with web scraping. 

Reduced Time and Costs

Manually going through hundreds of listings to find critical data points across travel portals could be very time-consuming. A more innovative solution is to use an automated web scraping solution. This way you receive data points across thousands of hotel and homestay listings, enabling you to focus on marketing aspects that could help to improve and grow your business.  

What Data Fields Can Be Scraped from Hotel and Homestay Booking Platforms?

Scraping solutions such as ScrapeHero enable you to customize your web scraping requirements. You can target all the available data points or focus on a select few that are critical to your requirements. Here are some of the most common data points you can extract from travel websites:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Property Description
  • Contact details
  • Pictures
  • Rating/Review
  • Room types
  • Room Description
  • Price per night
  • Available amenities
  • Cancellation policy
  • Check-in, check-out timings
  • House rules (for homestays)

Once the required data is gathered, it will be cleaned before being delivered in your preferred format. We present all the data in a structured manner to offer valuable insights to related businesses. Based on the data, you can optimize your business strategy and improve your offerings. 

How Can you use Hotel and Homestay Data?

Businesses related to the hospitality industry can use the scraped hotel data in many different ways. Here are a few examples.

Competitive Pricing

The omnipresence of online travel portals means that customers are able to get good deals from competitors. By scraping hotel data, you can easily find the price range of accommodations at a particular location. Leveraging web scraping and price monitoring services can help you stay updated and use prices in real-time.

Understand Customer Preferences

One of the best ways to understand customer preferences is to go through the reviews and ratings they leave for hotels through travel portals. The type of accommodations travelers generally prefer the facilities they expect, their overall experience, and more can help you discover information that can be used for understanding consumer likes and preferences. 

Make Hotel Listings More Appealing

You can focus your data needs on finding the amenities offered by most local hotels and homestays. Then, you can try to offer similar amenities at your property to try and attract more travelers. Alternatively, you can try offering something unique that other hotels don’t, so your listings look more appealing.

Improve Marketing Strategy

If you are running an online travel portal, you can take cues from other popular platforms to grow your business. Web scraped data can help you determine how a particular travel platform lists its hotels and homestays, the information they provide, how it is structured, and more. The insights from this data can improve your operations and aid your platform in attracting more property owners and travelers. 

Detailed Market Overview

If you plan to launch your travel portal or list your hotels on a popular platform, it is also essential to first get a detailed overview of the industry. Using data scraped from specific geographic locations will help you know which locations are in demand.

The current overview will provide a clear picture of opportunities and challenges, enabling you to launch your operations on a more confident note. 

Web Scraping Hotel and Homestay Data to Boost Your Business

Online platforms and mobile apps are now commonly used by people every time they book a place to stay. The vast popularity of these platforms turns them into a gold mine of data which can be very useful for competitors and related businesses. 

Web scraping solutions like ScrapeHero can help you automate the web scraping process. It gives actionable data which can be used to obtain insightful data analytics, meaningful reports, and data-driven strategies. As you can customize web scraping solutions, you can easily target the data fields most critical for your growth and success. 

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