Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data

The ease of access and convenience offered by online grocery delivery platforms is making people ditch the weekly trips to their nearest grocer and buy groceries online. The industry’s revenue is expected to annually increase by 20% between 2021 and 2031. The likes of DoorDash, InstaCart, Amazon Fresh, and more have witnessed a record number of order volumes.

Thanks to advancements in digital technologies, logistics support, and busier-than-ever professional and personal lives, online grocery delivery has started gathering steam. If you are trying to improve and expand your grocery delivery service or start one, web scraping is a solution that can help you get closer to your business targets.

Why Scrape Grocery Delivery Data?

The objectives of every grocery delivery business using a data scraping service can be different. You can target all the available data fields, or focus on a few that are vital for achieving specific business goals. Some are listed below:

Consumer Buying Trends

As delivery logistics have improved, it is now possible for customers to order groceries online and receive the same at their doorstep. The user-friendly interface of popular platforms, flexible payment options, and additional discounts are fueling the growth of this industry. E-commerce options will continue to grow and retailers will be able to understand their customers and their shopping options.

Improve Pricing Strategy

If your brand is listed on a grocery delivery platform, a competitive pricing strategy is what you will primarily be aiming for. Similarly, if you are running a grocery delivery platform, the discounts and offers provided by other platforms can help you improve your marketing strategy. 

What Can Be Scraped from Online Grocery Delivery Platforms?

Various fields can be scraped from online delivery platforms. Here are some of the most commonly scraped data points:

  • Store/Grocer Name
  • Address
  • Geocoordinates
  • Product Name
  • Product Image
  • Product SKU
  • Product Category
  • Product Description
  • Product Specifications
  • Product Price 
  • Discounted Price
  • Best offers
  • Services Available
  • Customer Reviews/Ratings

Once the required data is collected, it is cleaned, and multiple quality checks are performed before data delivery. All of this data is presented in a structured format to offer valuable insights to related businesses. 

What Can be Done with the Scraped Grocery Delivery Data?

Web scraping services can be beneficial to every business that is related to grocery selling and delivery. As the industry is currently booming, this could be an excellent time for a business to benefit from reliable web scraping solutions to gain a competitive edge. 

Here is a quick overview of how scraped grocery delivery data can be used by different businesses.

Grocery Retailers

If you are already running an offline grocery business, you can upgrade your operations and provide customers with online convenience. Before getting listed on a popular grocery delivery platform, it can be quite helpful if you first analyze the offerings of local grocers in your area. 

Online Retailers

As an online retailer offering products across different categories, you can also consider adding grocers to take advantage of this rising segment. Since groceries are essentials, this can be an excellent way to boost your sales and generate more revenue. Also, particular grocers with high brand value could attract more customers, which can also help improve sales of other products you offer. 

Bulk Grocery Dealers

If you are a dealer who sells grocery products in bulk to retailers, insights into products popular among the end customers can help you improve your offerings. Data from scraped ratings and reviews can provide detailed information about popular product categories across regions and localities, enabling you to attract more retailers for your bulk products. 

Grocery Platform Competitors

With new players entering the industry regularly, web scraping is an effective solution to improve your business strategy. If you are planning to launch an online grocery platform or have one already, you can understand how valuable the data scraped from competitor platforms can be. It can provide great insights into the overall market, top sellers, pricing, and more, to help you gain a competitive edge. 

Business Expansion

If you are looking to expand your grocery delivery services to a new city or region you would want a detailed overview of the existing grocery delivery services and sellers in the area. You can consider a customized web scraping solution like ScrapeHero and use location data to help you match your expectations and requirements. 

Custom Solutions to Gather Grocery Delivery Data

The grocery delivery industry is steadily increasing thanks to convenience and ease of use. Monitoring grocery delivery data requires a web scraping provider which can reliably gather data based on your schedule. Web scraping solutions like ScrapeHero can create custom solutions to extract the data points you need to help you get started. ScrapeHero can also build custom web scraping APIs for websites that do not have an API to help you achieve this. 

ScrapeHero can gather publically available data from anywhere on the internet and is one of the top web scraping providers in the world. The pre-built scrapers and easy-to-follow web scraping tutorials provided by ScrapeHero allow small businesses, students, and analysts to gather data from popular websites in a simple and cost-effective manner.

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