Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data to Step Up Your Business

Thanks to advancements in digital technologies, logistics support, and busier-than-ever professional and personal lives, online grocery delivery platforms have revolutionized how people shop for groceries. With projected annual revenue growth of 20% from 2021 to 2031, platforms like Walmart, Publix, Target, and Amazon Fresh are witnessing record order volumes.

Web scraping grocery delivery data of current market holders is one way to better understand the market. Both existing and aspiring grocery delivery businesses make use of grocery data scraping services to gain a competitive edge over the others.

Why Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data is Important?

Online grocery delivery businesses can use grocery data scraping services for different objectives. One can target all the available data fields or focus on a few that are vital to achieving specific business goals.

Listed below are a few valuable insights that business owners can gain from scraping grocery delivery data:

As delivery logistics have improved, it is now possible for customers to order groceries online and receive the same at their doorstep. The user-friendly interface of popular platforms, flexible payment options, and additional discounts are fueling the growth of this industry. Web scraping can provide valuable insights into consumer buying trends, helping businesses understand their customers’ preferences and shopping behaviors.

Refer to the graphs below to understand the buying trends among the customers.

Online grocery users are seen to increase with the growth of internet users from year to year. Internet availability is a leading factor in people opting for online grocery delivery services.

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Graph showing the positive correlation between internet and grocery website users.

The US offers a potential market for online grocery businesses compared to the UK.

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Graph comparing the revenue of online grocery stores in the UK and the US. The former has the highest revenue every year and is expected to hold the position in the years to come.

From 2018 to 2024, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of online grocery store users in the US. In 2018 there were 72 million users, but in 2024 it is expected to increase to 163 million.

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Graph showing the significant growth in the number of online grocery store users from 2018 till 2024 in the US


Walmart has more grocery stores in the US than Mexico or Canada.

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Graph showing the distribution of Walmart stores in the US, Mexico, and Canada. The US has the most number of Walmart stores.

Improve Pricing Strategy

By web scraping grocery delivery data, retailers and delivery platforms can optimize their pricing strategies and marketing efforts by analyzing competitors’ discounts and offers.

If your brand is listed on a grocery delivery platform, a competitive pricing strategy is what you will primarily be aiming for. Similarly, if you are running a grocery delivery platform, an understanding of the discounts and offers provided by other platforms can help you improve your marketing strategy.

Data Points that can be Scraped from Online Grocery Delivery Platforms

Web scraping services can be beneficial to every business that is related to grocery selling and delivery. As the industry is currently booming, this could be an excellent time for a business to benefit from reliable web scraping solutions to gain a competitive edge.

Web scraping allows businesses to extract various data points from existing online delivery platforms. Here are some of the most commonly scraped data points:

  • Store/Grocer Name
  • Address
  • Geo coordinates
  • Product Name
  • Product Image
  • Product SKU
  • Product Category
  • Product Description
  • Product Specifications
  • Product Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Best offers
  • Services Available
  • Customer Reviews/Ratings

The collected data is then cleaned and presented in a structured format to make informed decision-making.

The following graphs will give you an insight into the present market owners and how they are performing with respect to their competitors.

In the US, Walmart has the most number of stores (47.04%), followed by Target and Publix.

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Top 5 online grocery stores in the US, Walmart being the biggest.


Walmart has more visitors than Amazon Fresh. Tesco has fewer visitors.

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Graph showing the total number of visits to different grocery store websites. Walmart has the most number of visitors.

Customers spend the highest time (7.21 minutes) on the website of Amazon Fresh, whereas Walmart has the least time spent (4.65 minutes).

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Customers spend the highest time (7.21 minutes) on the website of Amazon Fresh, whereas customers spend the least time in Walmart (4.65 minutes).

Walmart has the highest bounce rate, followed by Whole Foods Market and Target.
(Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking an action, such as clicking on a link, filling out a form, or making a purchase.)

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Graph that shows that Walmart has the most bounce rates

Utilizing Scraped Grocery Delivery Data for Business Advantage

Grocery retailers, online retailers, bulk grocery dealers, grocery platform competitors, and businesses planning expansion can all benefit from using web scraping grocery delivery data.

The market size of global online grocery stores has been consistently increasing year after year and is expected to expand further to an estimated 2160.7 billion USD by 2030.

Web Scraping Grocery Delivery Data: Graph showing the expected growth of global online grocery store market size over time. It is expected to reach 2160.7 billion USD by 2030

Grocery Retailers

If you are already running an offline grocery business, you can upgrade your operations and provide customers with online convenience. Before getting listed on a popular grocery delivery platform, it can be quite helpful to strategize your marketing if you first analyze the offerings of local grocers in your area by using web scraping services.

Online Retailers

As an online retailer offering products across different categories, you can consider adding grocers to help boost sales and revenue. High-value grocers can attract more customers, positively impacting sales of other products.

Bulk Grocery Dealers

If you are a dealer who sells grocery products in bulk to retailers, insights into products popular among the end customers can help you improve your offerings. Scraping data from ratings and reviews can provide detailed information about popular product categories across regions and localities, enabling you to attract more retailers for your bulk products.

Grocery Platform Competitors

With new players entering the industry regularly, web scraping is an effective solution to improve your business strategy. If you plan to launch an online grocery platform or have one already, you will know how valuable the data scraped from competitor platforms can be. It will provide invaluable insights into the market, top-selling products, pricing, and more, giving businesses a competitive edge.

Business Expansion

If you want to expand your grocery delivery services to a new city or region, you would want a detailed overview of the existing grocery delivery services and sellers in the area. Consider utilizing a customized web scraping solution like ScrapeHero and use location data to help you match your expectations and requirements.

Custom Grocery Delivery Data Solutions

Web scraping grocery delivery data can empower businesses in the competitive online grocery industry to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re an existing grocery retailer, online seller, bulk dealer, or someone planning to enter the market, embracing web scraping can unlock valuable insights for your success. Partnering with a trusted provider like ScrapeHero can ensure efficient and cost-effective data extraction, helping you take advantage of the online grocery delivery boom.

ScrapeHero, a leading web scraping provider, offers custom solutions to extract the specific data points businesses require. With reliable data gathering and ready-made web scrapers and APIs, ScrapeHero is a preferred choice for efficiently collecting publicly available data from various sources.

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