Number of Products Sold on May 2017 has a total of 368,280,021 products on sale on May 4 2017

That’s 9.3% more than April 2017. Amazon had 335 million products on April 4th, 2017.

Top 10 Categories


Digital Music is leading in the top 10 categories, with Home & Kitchen and Electronics department following behind.  

Below are the subcategories of Digital Music Category on with the respective number of products.



For the past 4 months, Digital Music has had the highest number of products on sale at Genres like International and Dance seem to be getting the most sales. Last year Amazon released their streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited, similar to Apple Music and Spotify, that offers “tens of millions’ of songs to listen to, on-demand and free. Amazon is using simplicity to target music fans, who may have not gotten used to streaming just yet.

Prominent Changes Since Last Month

Ask Alexa

Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa is getting skillful by the day, with more than 12,000 Alexa Skills as of May 2017. Enabling Skills are now easier than ever using Amazon Tap and Echo devices. Amazon is now pushing their music service Amazon Music Unlimited to Echo and Alexa assistant. Here below is the difference in number of Skills in May and April.



  • 9.3% increase of products since last month
  • 40 million songs available to stream on Amazon Unlimited Music 
  • Alexa Skills has increased by 10%(over 12,000 skills)
  • Prime eligible items compose 12.2% of Amazon’s product count
  • Digital Music has had the highest count since Decemeber.

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