How many products does sell – December 2016

Amazon sells about 368,876,590 products as of Dec 1, 2016

EDIT: January 2017 Update is available here

The total number of products sold by Amazon is 368 million, but when you add up the product totals in various categories and subcategories the total ends up being 411,548,523 – almost 42.1 million more products than the number of products they sell.

We believe that this is because many products show up multiple categories. An example is Cell Phones & Accessories category and Electronics > Cell Phones and Accessories. These are almost the same products.

Below is a stacked column chart and tree graph of the number of products by category and subcategory. Courtesy of Tableau

Here are some highlights:

  • The largest category is Electronics with 97 Million products listed. Out of which 63 million are Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Only 11% (41.8 Million) of the products  are Prime eligible
  • 13% (47 Million) products can be bought in Used Condition
  • 10 % (36.2 Million) of the products are eligible for free shipping
  • Only 4% of items sold on amazon have 4 Stars review and up

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