How many products are sold on – January 2017 Report has a total of 398,040,250 Products as on January 4, 2017. That is 8% more products than the previous month. Amazon had 368 Million products on December 1 2016.

Top 10 categories

Below is a bar chart of the Top 10 Categories with the most number of products on


The Electronics department is HUGE, with 91.8 Million products which mostly comprises of  Cellphones, Computers, and Accessories. The Cell Phones & Accessories Subcategory itself is almost four times the size of what Walmart offers online.

Here are the top 10 sub-categories of Electronics

Significant Changes compared to December 2016

The column chart below shows the percent change in the number of products in each category from December 2016.

Amazon added about 27% (1300) more skills for Alexa, now that the sales of Echo, Echo Dot and Alexa enabled devices have been booming. Here is what changed in Alexa Skills.


Is vinyl making a comeback?

There are about 14% (575K) more CDs & Vinyls added to Amazon – looks like they are making a comeback. In fact, Vinyl sales have hit a 25 year high. Digging deeper into CDs and Vinyl, here is what changed and by how much



  • 8% More products compared to December 2016
  • 6% more products with 4 Star Reviews and above, compared to December 2016
  • 3% less prime eligible items
  • 26% more Alexa skills added
  • 17% of Office Products removed

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