Number of Products Sold on – April 2017 has a total of 335,765,099 million products as on April 4th, 2017.

That is only 1% less than March 2017. Amazon had 337 million products on March 7th, 2017.

Top 10 Categories


Over the past 3 months, Digital Music has been dominating in the top 10 categories with a total of 67.1 million products, a slight growth since last month. The “Home & Kitchen” department seems to be doing fine with an ample rise in products(+4.81%). In groceries, a department Amazon has been struggling in, is gradually becoming a success since their introduction in convenience stores called Amazon Go.

Below are the subcategories of Digital Music on with their respective number of products.



Significant Changes Since Last Month

Here is a chart that shows the percentage change in the number of products within each category from February 2017.



Amazon seems to be kicking around in the Electronics department putting a heavy emphasis on Amazon devices such as Echo smart home speaker and Prime Video streaming service.  Amazon might soon become the first $1 trillion e-commerce giant.

Alexa Skills still seems to be on the rise. Here is what changed and by how much


Month over Month Growth Since December 2016

Below is the count of the total number of products each month since the past four months.



  • 1% less products since March 2017
  • A decline of 30 million products since Dec 2016
  • Alexa skills and Prime Videos increase in products portfolio
  • Magazine Subscriptions dropped by 85.45%

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