Number of ALDI locations in the UK in 2021


How many ALDI locations are there in the United Kingdom in 2021?

There are 941 ALDI locations in the United Kingdom as of October 11, 2021. The Country with the most number of ALDI locations in the UK is England, with 788 locations, which is 83% of all ALDI locations in the UK.

Due to COVID-19, some of the locations may be temporarily closed.

Map of ALDI locations in the United Kingdom in 2021

Map of ALDI locations in the United Kingdom in 2021

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Top Countries with the most ALDI locations: England Vs. Scotland Vs. Wales


Population: 56.29M

788 Locations (83%)

A location for every 71,430 people, with about 83% of the total number of ALDI locations


Population: 5.46M

97 Locations (10%)

A location for every 56,319 people, with about 10% of the total number of ALDI locations


Population: 3.15M

56 Locations (5%)

A location for every 56,303 people, with about 5% of the total number of ALDI locations

There are 3 Countries without any ALDI locations.

Countries without any ALDI locations

These Countries do not have any ALDI locations - Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

Top 10 cities with the most number of ALDI locations in the UK

City Country Number of Locations
Liverpool England 7
London England 7
Cardiff Wales 7
Sheffield England 7
Edinburgh Scotland 6
Swindon England 5
Peterborough England 5
Northampton England 5
Leeds England 5
Leicester England 5

Download ALDI Locations Dataset

You can download the full list of ALDI locations used for this analysis from our data store. Here is a random sample of 10 records for you to look at the fields and the data that we provide.

Name Street City Country Zip Code Phone Latitude Longitude Address Last Updated Date
Aldi - 93 London Road 93 London Road Guildford England GU1 1YT 51.25876 -0.54542 93 London Road, Guildford, England, GU1 1YT 2021-10-11
Aldi - Blackpool Road Blackpool Road Preston England PR1 6AF 53.773231 -2.680809 Blackpool Road, Preston, England, PR1 6AF 2021-10-11
Aldi - Green Oaks Way Green Oaks Way Widnes England WA8 6UF 53.36551 -2.72289 Green Oaks Way, Widnes, England, WA8 6UF 2021-10-11
Aldi - Wesley Building Newport Rd Wesley Building Newport Rd Caldicot Wales NP26 4LY 51.590777 -2.752306 Wesley Building Newport Rd, Caldicot, Wales, NP26 4LY 2021-10-11
Aldi - 74 Waterside Street 74 Waterside Street Strathaven Scotland ML10 6AW 55.678274 -4.064942 74 Waterside Street, Strathaven, Scotland, ML10 6AW 2021-10-11
Aldi - South Parade South Parade Grantham England NG31 6HT 52.90129 -0.63609 South Parade, Grantham, England, NG31 6HT 2021-10-11
Aldi - Goldthorn Hill Road Goldthorn Hill Road Wolverhampton England WV2 3HP 52.566419 -2.12385 Goldthorn Hill Road, Wolverhampton, England, WV2 3HP 2021-10-11
Aldi - Weedon Road Weedon Road Northampton England NN5 5DE 52.240489 -0.927113 Weedon Road, Northampton, England, NN5 5DE 2021-10-11
Aldi - 374 Woodchurch Road 374 Woodchurch Road Prenton England CH42 8PG 53.37346 -3.04826 374 Woodchurch Road, Prenton, England, CH42 8PG 2021-10-11
Aldi - Brooks Road Brooks Road Lewes England BN7 2BY 50.87774 0.01666 Brooks Road, Lewes, England, BN7 2BY 2021-10-11

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