How Many Products Does Amazon Sell Worldwide – October 2017

Amazon sells more than 3 billion products across 11 marketplaces.

We took a look at the number of products sold in each country that Amazon sells online to more than its 300 million customers. Today, Amazon U.S. has the highest number of products, with over a 606 million product count.

In August 2017, Amazon sold 2.7 billion products worldwide, whereas, in October 2017, Amazon has a little over 3 billion products up for sale.

The table below lists an estimate of the numbers of products currently selling on Amazon websites around the world.



Today Amazon US sells more than 606 million products, which means Amazon’s product count has expanded to more than 200 million since the beginning of the year. That an average of 1.3 million products is added each day!

Amazons product portfolio is divided into many categories and departments. For Amazon US, there are over 160 million products in the Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry department, 87 million in Home & Kitchen and 62 million for Books.

Amazon India has increased their product count by 30 million products.

Countries like Australia and Netherlands which only have Kindle products lead an expressive number of 6 million books.

Amazon.comUSA606 million537 million
Amazon.deGermany399 million382 million million375 million
Amazon.frFrance326 million311 million
Amazon.jpJapan265 million255 million
Amazon.itItaly255 million244 million
Amazon.esSpain245 million238 million
Amazon.caCanada189 million180 million million118 million (Kindle & Books)34 million33 million
Amazon.cnChina25 million24 million
Amazon.inIndia45 million15 million (Kindle)6 million5.9 million
Amazon.nlNetherlands (Kindle)6 million5.8 million

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