How Many Products Does Amazon Sell? – March 2021 sells a total of 75,138,297 products as of March 2021.

Insights in brief

  • There are more than 75.1M products being sold on Amazon.
  • The largest category in Amazon is Books (57.2M).
  • There are a total of 81K Alexa Skills.

Top 10 Categories in Amazon – March 2021

Amazon’s product portfolio is divided into many categories and departments. The category ‘Books’ is the largest Amazon category with 57.2M products. It accounts for 76% of the total products available on Amazon. ‘Industrial & Scientific’ is the second-largest category in Amazon with 3M products listed. This is followed by Computer & Accessories (2.7M) and Electronics (2.6M).

The bar chart below shows an estimate of the number of products currently selling on the Amazon US website:


‘Books’ was the only category that expanded its listings. The number of books available on Amazon increased by 28% compared to April 2019.

Top Categories under Books

Under the Books category ‘Literature and Fiction’ is the largest subcategory with 4.9M products available. Followed by are ‘Children’s Books’ and ‘Business and Money’. The chart below shows the number of products under each subcategory for Books:


How Many Alexa Skills are there

There are a total of 81,102 Alexa Skills across 22 categories available on Alexa-enabled devices, as of March 2021.

‘Games & Trivia’ has the highest number of Alexa Skills (16.4K). ‘Lifestyle’ comes second in line with 10.6K skills. Below is a bar chart with the number of Alexa Skills in each category as of March 2021:


Alexa started off as a virtual assistant which could perform a wide range of tasks, like set timers, read the news headlines, and answer general knowledge questions. As more devices are becoming Alexa compatible, the number of Alexa skills has also increased. In addition, Amazon has been working on improving the quality of Alexa skills as well as incentivizing the development of more Alexa-compatible devices.

What’s Next For Amazon

2020 was a great year for Amazon as its growth skyrocketed due to the pandemic with people turning to online shopping, securing Amazon’s position as a major player in the e-commerce game.  Recently, Amazon has ventured into selling prescription drugs through their website increasing the competition faced by some of the largest pharmacies in US. The steady increase in the number of Amazon users and Prime membership shows that Amazon wants to capitalize on this popularity by expanding to other businesses.

With the demand for essential products and convenience on the rise, Amazon would need to expand its grocery options to keep up with Walmart+ and Walmart’s brick-and-mortar stores. The pandemic has set the precedent for more convenient delivery and curbside options. Walmart+’s free next-day and two-day shipping and one-hour delivery windows for grocery has led to Walmart overtaking Amazon in online grocery sales. This is a sign that e-commerce businesses would need to innovate continuously to set themselves apart

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