Amazon vs Walmart- Product Sold in October 2017

As of October 2017, Walmart has a total of 29 million products on sale while Amazon has a total of 606 million products up for sale.

That’s only 4.9% of what Amazon has to offer. 



Significant Changes Since Last Month

Walmart’s product portfolio has decreased by half a million products, a pretty small number when looking at Walmarts high earnings this year.

Walmart beat on their earnings in their Q2 reports, with an increase of 60% online sales! Walmart’s total sales climbed 2.1 percent from a year ago, to $123.36 billion. America’s top brick and mortar retail have been quietly growing its online advertising business – another sign of growth for the company’s e-commerce business.

While Walmart is making progress in online sales, Amazon is trying to grow bigger in brick-and-mortar retailing.


Top 10 Categories


Just as the previous month, Home has the highest number of products- 5.12 million and for the first time, the Seasonal department comes in third place with a product count of 4.49 million (a 101% increase).

Percentage Changes Over the Last Month

Here is a bar chart showing the percentage difference in each category with the previous month.




The categories Seasonal and Office have the most prominent changes with a 100 and 95 percent increase in their product portfolio. All other departments at Walmart seem to be doing well, with only two – “Video Games” and “Movies& TV” having a slight decrease in product counts.


Here is a table for the count of categories at Walmart:

Home 5,677,009
Books 5,123,665
Office 5,074,498
Seasonal 4,491,720
Electronics 3,515,555
Jewelry 3,115,056
Home Improvement 2,841,733
Auto & Tires 2,433,342
Clothing 2,094,516
Sports & Outdoors 1,491,926
Arts, Crafts & Sewing 1,257,425
Cell Phones 1,223,772
Party & Occasions 1,020,971
Household Essentials 866,755
Toys 717,130
Patio & Garden 486,168
Beauty 420,287
Health 335,243
Personal Care 239,742
Music on CD or Vinyl 210,861
Food 202,591
Pets 196,264
Musical Instruments 158,198
Photo Center 125,542
Baby 116,085
Movies & TV 102,772
Video Games 39,797
Gifts & Registry 24,937
Pharmacy 4,040
Industrial & Scientific 3,206

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