How Many Products does Amazon Sell? – October 2017

Amazon has a total of 598,607,973 products on sale.

In comparison, Amazon had 536 million products on August 15th, 2017. That’s an 11% increase in Amazon’s product count.

Top 10 Categories

As the previous months, Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry have the highest count – 196.6 million products! The “Home & Kitchen” department gained an additional 10 million products since August.

Changing the Way We Shop

Amazon has taken online shopping to a whole new level, creating a hassle-free shopping experience by investing in innovations such as – online payments, product selection and now with Amazon Prime Wardrobe, flexibility in return policy.

By nailing success in the clothing e-commerce experience for customers, Amazons empire can expand faster. It has now acquired Whole Foods, where it could sell clothing too.

Ask Alexa

Alexa’s skill count has passed 24.8k skills in the U.S!

Amazon’s skill count has quadrupled since the beginning of the year when it only knew how to do around 6,000 things. It’s clear that Amazon wants to make it easy for Alexa to make her way to a variety of devices.

Below is a bar chart of the count of Alexa Skills in each subcategory as of October 2017



From booking a hotel for a weekend trip to ordering pizza, Amazon clearly has put a lot of skills out there for its consumers. But Alexa also has a sense of humor and is capable of playing many games. The category “Games, Trivia & Accessories” has the highest count – 5,782 skills, followed by the categories News and Education.


  • Amazon product count increased by 62M products
  • Home & Kitchen jumped by 10 million products
  • Alexa skills raised by 6k skills

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