How Many Products does Amazon Sell? – August 2017

Amazon has a total of 536,641,219 products on sale.

In comparison. Amazon had 372 million products on June 20th, 2017.

Top 10 Categories


Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry have an enormous range of products with a count of 149.5 million products! Home & Kitchen has a huge increase since last month – 20 million products.

Amazon is changing how we shop for clothing, with more and more brands to offer and with Amazon’s greater selection of apparel, it’s getting closer to dominating department stores.

As Amazon provides more convenience, customers might find it difficult to shop anywhere else.

Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills total up to 18.5K skills, an increase of 3,000 skills from the month of June.

Take a look at the count of Alexa Skills in each subcategory as of August 2017.


Alexa enabled devices now carry 18.5k skills, and it’s no doubt Alexa Skills will keep increasing. More than eight million people own an Amazon Echo Dot device. Amazon is slowly introducing smart home and wearable products to customers.


  • Amazon product count jumped by 169M products
  • Alexa Skills increased by 3k products
  • Home & Kitchen has more than 70M products up for sale

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