Number of Products Sold on June 2017

Amazon has a total of 372,539,860 products on sale as of June 20th, 2017

That’s 1.1% more than May 2017. Amazon had 368 million products on May 4th, 2017.

Top 10 Categories


It’s interesting to see that the category Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry is at the top position with 61.19 million products surpassing Home & Kitchen and Electronics.

Below are the subcategories of Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry with the respective number of products.


Amazon has been trying to focus on the apparel business for quite a while, reaching out to consumers with a wider range of well-known fashionable brands. Even though Amazon is the biggest clothing seller online, it may soon overtake brick and mortar fashion sales as well.

Percentage Changes Over the Last Month


Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry has had an extreme surge in products with Alexa Skills consistently rising every month. Here is a graph showing the product portfolio of Alexa Skills from December 2016 to June 2017.

Amazon Stretching Out in the Apparel Market

Amazon’s apparel and accessories are said to increase by 30% by next year. The e-commerce giant is soon to elbow its way into the fashion industry.


Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills totaled up to around 15.5k products, with an increase of 3,000 from the previous month!  The rapid growth is no surprise with the rise in Amazon Echo salesBelow is the count difference between June and May. 





  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry dominate Amazon’s product count
  • Alexa Skills increases by 19.1%
  • Amazon’s apparel market to expand with own fashion brand

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Aaron Lanni August 7, 2017

Hey, how come when we look at top selling categories from jan-may 2017 we don’t see clothing, shoes, jewelry anywhere, then all of a sudden this category jumps to number 1 in June?

Do you have a page which explains your methodology?


    ScrapeHero August 7, 2017

    Hi Aaron,
    These counts are not for “top selling” – they are counts for “number of products for sale”.

Matt March 26, 2018


I agree with Aaron. But do not think your response adequately answers the question. What are the counts for clothing, shoes and jewelry from Jan – May 2017?


Rosie August 31, 2018


I agree with Aaron and Matt. Besides, I noticed that the category “digital music” felling out of the top 10 list from may 2017 suddenly.

Could you please tell us what caused it. Amazon changed the products for sale dramatically? Or just the calculation caliber be replaced?


    ScrapeHero August 31, 2018

    We dont know the causes – we just gather the data.

      Rosie September 2, 2018

      Thanks. I want to confirm whether you have gathered the data for clothing in or before May 2017? Or there was no certain category “clothing, shoes and jewelry” at that time?

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