Google Review Analysis of Walmart

An analysis of 42,402 Google reviews of Walmart stores in Dallas.

Insights from a Google review analysis of Walmart in Dallas

Customer feedback and comments are essential for any business. They provide valuable insights into customer preferences and experiences, enabling businesses to refine their products and services effectively. Let us understand this further by doing a Google review analysis of Walmart, a multinational retail corporation based in the US.

A bird’s eye view of the Walmart stores in Dallas, Texas

The data for this analysis was obtained using the ScrapeHero Google Review Scraper from ScrapeHero Cloud. We will closely examine the insights derived from our analysis of 42,402 Google reviews that people have left for the 16 Walmart stores in Dallas.

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Review Analysis of Walmart

Texas has the largest number of Walmart stores in the US, with 509 stores. For ease of understanding, let’s focus on the 16 Walmart stores in Dallas, a city located in North Texas.

Ratings and Reviews for Walmart in Dallas collected for Google review analysis of Walmart

Review Analysis of Walmart Over the Years

A yearly count of Google reviews for Walmart stores in Dallas from 2017 to 2023 provided the following insights.

graph comparing the review counts that Walmart has received over the years in Dallas.

The number of reviews people left for Walmart started relatively stable, with a slight increase from 5,554 in 2017 to 5,958 in 2018. However, in 2019, there was a minor decrease to 5,790, which could indicate a change in customer engagement or other market variables affecting review frequency.

From the ScrapeHero Walmart review analysis, it’s evident that there was a notable spike in reviews in 2021, with a peak of 8,314 reviews. Post-2021, there was a visible decline to 4,571 reviews in 2022 and further down to 4,087 in 2023. This reduction could be due to various reasons, such as improved customer experience leading to fewer complaints.

Rating Analysis of Walmart Over the Years

Given below is a graphical representation of Walmart’s average customer ratings in Dallas over a seven-year period from 2017 to 2023.

Bar graph comparing the ratings that Walmart has received over the years in Dallas

The rating and review analysis of Walmart in Dallas shows that Walmart has maintained a relatively steady level of customer satisfaction over the years, with slight fluctuations.

In 2017, the average rating began at 3.9. The following two years saw a slight increase, maintaining a steady 3.91 in both 2018 and 2019. There was a minor uptick in 2020, reaching a peak of 3.92, which the company managed to sustain in 2021 and 2022.

However, in 2023, there was a slight decline, bringing the average rating down to 3.91.

Rating and Review Analysis of Walmart in Dallas, 2023

We compared ratings from 1 to 5 with the corresponding number of reviews that the Dallas stores have received to gain the following insights.

Bar graph comparing the ratings to reviews that Walmart has received in Dallas

The Google review analysis revealed that the highest number of reviews is for the 5-star rating, with 13,504 reviews. This indicates a high level of customer satisfaction. The next most frequent rating is 1 star, with 6,947 reviews, which suggests a significant portion of customers were not satisfied.

There are considerably fewer reviews for the middle ratings, with 2 stars at 2,834, 3 at 5,066, and 4 at 6,543 reviews.

This distribution shows a polarized customer perception. Most customers feel strongly positive, as reflected in the 5-star ratings, or strongly negative, as seen in the 1-star ratings.

Most Reviewed Walmart Locations in Dallas

Our review analysis of Walmart stores in Dallas has given us some brilliant insights so far. But which is the most reviewed Walmart location in Dallas?

Bar graph showing the most reviewed Walmart locations in Dallas in 2023

The Walmart on 200 Short Blvd has the most reviews, with 2,770. It is followed closely by the store on Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, which has 2,750 reviews.

Interestingly, there’s a relatively small variance between the store with the most reviews and the store in 10th place (a difference of 432). This indicates a consistent level of review activity across these popular locations.

Sentiment Analysis of Walmart in Dallas

Sentiment analysis of customer reviews provides insights into how customers feel about a brand’s products or services. Positive sentiments can validate what a brand is doing right, while negative sentiments can highlight areas needing improvement.

Pie chart showing the overall sentiment towards Walmart in Dallas in 2023.

The above graph obtained by doing a Google review analysis of Walmart reveals a leniency toward positive sentiment in Dallas.

The graph with the dominance of the green segment suggests that Walmart is generally well-received in Dallas, with most customers reporting satisfactory experiences. However, some negative feedback highlights areas where Walmart could improve to further reduce dissatisfaction.

Sentiment Towards Walmart by Rating in Dallas

We have broken down customer reviews of Walmart in Dallas into three sentiment categories—Positive, Neutral, and Negative—across a 5-point rating scale for ease of understanding.

Bar graph that breaks down customer reviews of Walmart in Dallas.

Our analysis shows that there is a clear correlation between the rating scale and sentiment: higher ratings have a larger proportion of positive reviews, and lower ratings have more negative reviews.

The most common rating is 5, indicating that a significant number of customers are highly satisfied with their experience at Walmart in Dallas. Also, ratings of 4 and 5 together make up the majority of the reviews, suggesting overall positive customer sentiment.

The relatively high number of neutral reviews at every rating level suggests that there may be aspects of the shopping experience that are neither distinctly positive nor negative. This could be an opportunity for Walmart to convert these neutral experiences into positive ones.

Sentiment Towards Walmart Over the Years in Dallas

Sentiment analysis can be utilized as a performance indicator, showing how Walmart’s reputation in the eyes of Dallas customers has evolved over time.

Bar graph showing the sentiment towards Walmart in Dallas over the years

There’s a noticeable trend of an increasing percentage of positive sentiment over time, starting at 48.60% in 2017 and rising steadily each year to 52.04% in 2023. The proportion of neutral sentiment fluctuates over the years but does not show a clear upward or downward trend. It begins at 32.81% in 2017, peaks at 37.91% in 2020, and then decreases to 28.11% in 2023.

There is a notable shift in sentiment in 2020, with the highest neutral and lowest negative sentiments, which could correspond to specific events or changes in customer behavior during that year.

Sentiment Towards Walmart by Store Type in Dallas

We analyzed customer sentiment towards Neighborhood Markets and Supercenters, which are two types of Walmart store types in Dallas, for a comprehensive Google review analysis of Walmart. These store types serve different customer needs, from weekly grocery and general shopping at Supercenters to quick trips for fresh produce and other essentials at Neighborhood Markets.

Bar graph comparing sentiment towards Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Supercenters in Dallas

ScrapeHero review analysis reveals that Walmart Supercenters have a much higher number of reviews across all sentiments. This is consistent with there being more Supercenters (13) compared to Neighborhood Markets (3) in Dallas.

Despite the larger number of Supercenters, the proportion of negative reviews is notably high for Supercenters when compared to Neighborhood Markets. This could suggest that the larger store format may face more challenges in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Another interesting insight is that the positive reviews for Supercenters far outweigh those for Neighborhood Markets; with the former (6209.33) having, on average, eight times more positive reviews than the latter (736.33). This could be attributed to the broader range of services and products available at Supercenters that satisfy a wider array of customer needs.

Closing Thoughts on the Google Review Analysis of Walmart in Dallas

This detailed review analysis of Walmarts in Dallas highlights the significant impact of understanding customer sentiment on shaping business strategies. The ScrapeHero Google Review Scraper was a key tool in this process, offering comprehensive and precise data collection.

Beyond the Google Review Scraper, ScrapeHero Cloud offers a variety of pre-built scrapers that simplify the process of collecting data from the web. These user-friendly scrapers allow you to effortlessly convert online content into spreadsheet formats with just a few clicks.

For those with more extensive data needs and seeking tailored solutions, ScrapeHero provides powerful, customized services. ScrapeHero services allow you to fully utilize the power of data in your business strategies and stay ahead in the competitive market landscape.


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