Scrape Google Reviews and Ratings

Scrape Google reviews for places and businesses. Gather details like business name, address, reviews, ratings, images, and more.

Scrape Google Reviews and Ratings

Sample Data

Walt Disney World® Resort

Times Square

Disneyland Paris

Walmart Supercenter


One of the most sophisticated Google review scrapers available

  • Alternative to Google Reviews API
  • Scrape an unlimited number of reviews from business or places
  • Extract Google reviews without any rate-limits
  • Built-in option to scrape the Newest, Most Relevant, Highest, and Lowest Rating reviews

Get all reviews within minutes

You can gather all Google reviews for a particular place or any business within minutes using our Google Reviews Scraper.

Just provide Google Reviews Links or Place IDs to start scraping. Moreover, you can choose the review sort filter if you are looking for specific reviews.

  • Scrape competitor reviews in a few clicks
  • Collect and deliver data to Dropbox periodically

How to get Google Place IDs

You can use our Google Maps Search Results scraper to collect details, including Place IDs for businesses and places.

for example:

  • Kroger stores in California
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument

Alternatively, You can use the official Google PlaceID finder tool to get the place ID.




Does not renew

  • 25 pages per month
  • 1 concurrent job(s)
  • Data retention of 7 days
  • Email Support


$5 /month

Billed Monthly

  • 300 pages per month
  • 1 concurrent job(s)
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Data retention of 7 days
  • Email Support


$25 /month

Billed Monthly

  • 2,000 pages per month
  • 1 concurrent job(s)
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Data retention of 7 days
  • Email Support


$50 /month

Billed Monthly

  • 6,000 pages per month
  • 2 concurrent job(s)
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Data retention of 30 days
  • Priority Support


$100 /month

Billed Monthly

  • 15,000 pages per month
  • 4 concurrent job(s)
  • Dropbox and API Integration
  • Data retention of 30 days
  • Priority Support

Easy to use and Free to try

A few mouse clicks and copy/paste is all that it takes!

Scrape without complex software or programming knowledge

No coding required

Get data like the pros without knowing programming at all.

Fine-tuned to work with best web crawling infrastruture

Support when you need it

The crawlers are easy to use, but we are here to help when you need help.

Extract  Data periodically  and upload to Dropbox Folder

Extract data periodically

Schedule the crawlers to run hourly, daily, or weekly and get data delivered to your Dropbox.

No Maintenance Crawlers

Zero Maintenance

We will take care of all website structure changes and blocking from websites.

Frequently asked questions

Can I start with a one month plan?

All our plans require a subscription that renews monthly. If you only need to use our services for a month, you can subscribe to our service for one month and cancel your subscription in less than 30 days.

Why does the crawler crawl more pages than the total number of records it collected?

Some crawlers can collect multiple records from a single page, while others might need to go to 3 pages to get a single record. For example, our Amazon Bestsellers crawler collects 50 records from one page, while our Indeed crawler needs to go through a list of all jobs and then move into each job details page to get more data.

Can I get data periodically?

Yes. You can set up the crawler to run periodically by clicking and selecting your preferred schedule. You can schedule crawlers to run on a Monthly, Weekly, or Hourly interval.

Can you build me a custom API or custom crawler?

Sure, we can build custom solutions for you. Please contact our Sales team using this link, and that will get us started. In your message, please describe in detail what you require.