Amazon vs Walmart- Products Sold in August 2017

As of August 2017, Walmart has a total of 30 million products on sale while Amazon has a total of 536 million products up for sale.

That’s only 5.5% of what Amazon has to offer!


Prominent Changes Since Last Month

Walmart has increased their product portfolio by 4.2 million since July 2017.


With Walmart’s Q2 earnings report released this month, e-commerce growth remains

high with 60% increase in net sales! Customers seem to be growing with the new assortment

of products and every day low pricing strategy that Walmart keeps winning by.

Amazon, on the other hand, has had a jump in product count by 160 million products.

Take a look at the product difference of Walmart since last month.


Top 10 Categories

The “Home” department is at the top with a total of 5.12 million products followed by Jewelry and Electronics.


Here is a table for the count of categories at Walmart:

Category Count
Home 5,122,589
Jewelry 3,295,890
Electronics 3,152,549
Home Improvement 2,791,535
Auto & Tires 2,397,460
Clothing 1,877,500
Office 1,764,643
Sports & Outdoors 1,487,510
Seasonal 1,405,676
Cell Phones 1,173,455
Party & Occasions 1,002,511
Household Essentials 937,355
Arts, Crafts & Sewing 573,514
Toys 570,421
Patio & Garden 449,188
Beauty 378,417
Health 321,428
Personal Care 225,325
Music on CD or Vinyl 217,050
Food 207,401
Pets 156,929
Musical Instruments 139,876
Movies & TV 123,405
Baby 101,527
Photo Center 100,496
Video Games 55,616
Gifts & Registry 23,893
Pharmacy 3,751
Industrial & Scientific 2,764

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