Bestselling Products on Amazon US during Christmas 2020

With the end of the 2020 Christmas season, we took a look at how well products performed on the Amazon Best Seller list during the holiday season. We monitored and analyzed a total of 1,700 unique Bestselling products on Amazon US from 10 of the most popular Amazon bestseller categories between December 18th to 26th 2020.

In this post, we analyzed the Amazon Best Seller products based on different parameters.

Insights in Brief

  • Home & Kitchen had the most number of brands (85).
  • Nintendo had the highest number of unique products on the bestseller list (35)
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Battery was the most reviewed product on the bestseller list
  • Apple products had the highest average rating of 4.83 stars.
  • was the biggest seller, comprising 51% of bestselling products during Christmas week

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For this analysis, the Amazon US best seller data during the Christmas week was extracted using the Amazon Best Seller Crawler in ScrapeHero Cloud. We took 10 of the most popular bestseller categories into consideration – Appliances, Automotive, Books, Computer & Accessories, Electronics, Fashion, Home & Kitchen, Home Improvement, Toys & Games, and Video Games.

The Amazon Best Seller Crawler can extract Amazon bestseller product data such as ASIN, product name, price, rank, ratings, customer reviews, seller name, and even the rating histogram. ScrapeHero Cloud has a variety of e-commerce crawlers that can help you extract data in minutes. These scrapers are easy to use and cloud-based, where you need not worry about selecting the fields to be scraped nor download any software.

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Best Seller Categories with Most Number of Brands

During the Christmas week, Home & Kitchen had the most number of brands with 85 unique brands making it to the Bestselling list. Home Improvement had 73 brands. Among the popular Amazon bestselling lists there was not much variation in the brand count. Only 3 out of the 10 categories had an increase in brand count over the Christmas week. The category ‘Toys & Games’ had the biggest increase in brand count.

Lower number of brands in a category is sign of monopoly in the given segment. Video Games, had the least number of brand variation throughout the week, which could be due to popularity of Nintendo and PlayStation.

The line chart below shows the number of brands for each category during the week of Christmas.

Best Performing Brands during the Christmas Week

Nintendo had the most number of unique products sold during Christmas week with a total of 35 bestselling products. Nintendo started with 24 unique products in the beginning of the week and still managed to have 20 of its products ranked on the best selling list under the ‘Electronics’ and ‘Video Games’ category by the end of the week. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller stayed on the bestseller list the longest ranking consistently between 40 and 60.

Apple came second with 30 products under the ‘Electronics’ and ‘Computer & Accessories’ category. The Apple Watch Series 3 and 85W MagSafe Power Adapter stayed on the bestseller list throughout Christmas Week and had the highest rankings.

The Amazon brand had a total of 27 unique products, which were spread across the categories – Electronics, Home Improvement, Home & Kitchen, and Computer & Accessories. The Echo Dot, Fire Tablet, and Fire Stick are Amazon’s top selling products.

VTech, well known for its range of smart toys and products recommended by Forbes, had 10 products ranking consistently on the bestseller list.

The chart below shows the brands that had the most number of unique products present on the Amazon bestseller list during the Christmas week.


Category with the highest reviews

During the 7 days leading up to December 26th, the number of reviews under products in the Fashion bestseller list increased by 19.1%.

Most reviewed products

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD was the most reviewed best selling product during the Christmas week. It gained 18K Amazon reviews during a span of 7 days.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K‘ was the second most reviewed product on the bestseller list, being present during every day of Christmas week. Followed by were three editions of the Fire Tablet, Echo Show 5, and Amazon Smart Plug. Barack Obama’s book ‘The Promised Land‘ was the 8th most reviewed item and had gained 8.7K Amazon reviews during Christmas Week.

The top 20 most reviewed bestselling items were from the ‘Electronics’ or ‘Computer & Accessories’ category, with the exception of the Amazon Basics Microfiber Bedsheet which had 4.8K reviews, and the Bedsure Satin Pillowcase with 3.9K reviews.

Average Rating of Top 5 Brands

During the Christmas week, Apple, PlayStation, and Nintendo maintained an average rating above 4.7. Amazon branded products had a slightly lower rating of 4.5 which remained constant throughout the week. The apparel company, Hanes had the lowest average rating among the top brands varying between 4.4 to 4.3 stars.

Which product had an average rating of 5 stars?

The Waten H2O Ice Maker under the ‘Appliances’ category was the only product that had a perfect 5-star rating throughout the Christmas week.

How many sellers were under the Amazon Bestseller list?

There were a total of 383 Amazon sellers on December 18th which by December 26th lowered to 370 sellers. Ironically during the Christmas week, was the biggest seller, which composed of 51% of bestselling products.

Products which consistently ranked 1 in Amazon Bestsellers list

Only 5 products managed to maintain their number 1 ranking on the Amazon US Bestsellers list. They included, the Fire 7 Tablet by Amazon, Countertop Nugget Ice Maker by GE and a portable Car Vacuum cleaner by ThisWorx. While a $10 PlayStation Gift Card and Barack Obama’s memoir A Promised Land rounded up the list being the only non-electric items.

Best Selling Amazon Brands

There were three Amazon brands present under the bestseller list – Amazon, Amazon Essentials, and Amazon Basics. 



Amazon’s best selling products come under the categories ‘Electronics’, ‘Home & Kitchen’, ‘Computer & Accessories’ and ‘Fashion’. Products under the Amazon Brand do quite well with items having an average rating between 4.4 and 4.7 stars.

8 out of the top 10 most reviewed bestselling products were by Amazon. Under the Electronics category, the most reviewed Amazon product is the Fire TV Stick and Fire HD Tablet.

AmazonBasics and other Amazon private labels cover a larger set of categories and offer more than 2K products for sale. These private label products are fairly priced and usually below $50 but Amazon has recently come under fire for creating competing products sing sales data. In the ‘Home & Kitchen’ bestseller category, the most reviewed Amazon Basics product is the Microfibre Sheet set which is priced under $20.

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