Amazon Bestselling Products in Canada during Christmas 2020

Following the analysis of Bestselling products on Amazon US and Amazon bestsellers in Europe during Christmas, we now take a look at the best selling products on Amazon in Canada during Christmas. 1,782 bestselling products on Amazon Canada ( from 10 of the most popular Amazon bestseller categories were monitored between December 18th to 26th 2020.

The Amazon Best Seller products in Amazon Canada were analyzed based on different parameters such as brand count, rating, reviews, and more.

Bestselling products in Amazon Canada

  • The ‘Clothing & Accessories’ category had the most number of brands (210).
  • Nintendo had the highest number of unique products on the bestseller list (34).
  • Carhartt Men’s Insulated Glove was the most reviewed product.
  • Nintendo was the brand with the highest average rating (4.71).
  • 56% of bestselling products in Canada during Christmas week had Amazon listed as their seller.

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Amazon Canada Best Seller Categories with Most Number of Brands

The category ‘Clothing & Accessories’ had the most number of brands with 210 unique brands making it to the Bestselling list during the Christmas week. ‘Automotive’ and ‘Video Games’ had 189 brands each.

The category ‘Toys & Games’ had the biggest increase in brand count. The line chart below shows the number of unique brands for each Amazon Canada bestseller category during the week of Christmas.


Best Performing Brands on Amazon Canada during the Christmas Week

Nintendo had the most number of unique products sold during Christmas week with a total of 34 unique bestselling products. The games ‘Minecraft for Nintendo Switch’, ‘New Super Mario Bros’, and the Joy-Con Switch Controller were present on the bestseller list throughout the week. Amazon and Samsung each came second with 19 products each.

The Echo Dot, Fire HD 8 Tablet, and Fire TV Stick are Amazon’s top selling products.

The chart below shows the brands that had the most number of unique products present on the Amazon Canada bestseller list during Christmas week.


Most reviewed products

The Carhartts Men’s Insulated Glove was the most reviewed best selling product during the Christmas week. It gained 9K Amazon reviews during a span of 7 days.

Barack Obama’s book ‘The Promised Land‘ was the second most reviewed product on the bestseller list, being present during every day of Christmas week. Followed by was the SanDisk MicroSDXC card, Snow Jow Telescoping Snow Broom, and two versions of the Seagate Portable Hard Drive.

Average Rating of Top 5 Brands on Amazon Canada

During Christmas week, Nintendo had the highest average rating of 4.7. Amazon and Amazon Basics maintained an average rating of 4.6 and 4.4 respectively. The apparel company, Hanes had the lowest average rating among the top brands varying between 4.2 to 4.3 stars.

The line chart below shows the average rating for the top bestselling brands on Amazon Canada during the week of Christmas.


How many sellers were under the Amazon Canada Bestseller list?

There were a total of 316 Amazon sellers on December 18th which by December 26th lowered to 279 sellers. Ironically in Canada during Christmas week, was the biggest seller, which composed of 56% of bestselling products on Amazon.

Best Selling Amazon Brands

There were a total of 41 unique products under the Amazon brands – Amazon, Amazon Basics, and Amazon Essentials –  present under the Amazon Canada bestseller list.

Amazon’s best selling products come under the categories ‘Tools & Home Improvement’ and ‘Electronics’ while Amazon Basics products are scattered under 5 bestselling categories. 

Most Amazon-branded bestselling products had an average rating between 4.4 and 4.6 stars. 3 Amazon products were ranked in the top 10 during Christmas week – the Echo Dot, Fire HD 8 Tablet, and Fire TV Stick.

The bar chart below shows the number of Amazon-branded products across bestseller categories.


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