How to scrape product data from

In this article, we will show you how to scrape product details and pricing data from category pages, using a Chrome extension called Web Scraper.

What data are we extracting from Walmart?

For this tutorial we will only extract the following fields from the product listing page:

  1. Product Name
  2. Price
  3. Rating
  4. Number of Reviews
  5. Image
  6. Shipping

Below is an annotated screenshot of the data fields we will be extracting:



  • Google Chrome Browser – You will need to download the Chrome browser. The extension requires Chrome 49+.
  •  Web Scraper Chrome Extension – The Web Scraper extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.  After downloading the extension you will see a spider icon in your browser toolbar.

Import Walmart Scraper

Using the extension, you can create a sitemap that shows how the website should be traversed and what data should be extracted. With the sitemaps, you can navigate the site any way you want and the data can be later exported as a CSV. 

We have configured the scraper already, you can get it below. The setup process is fairly simple, you can follow some of our other Web Scraper Extension tutorials or Documentation if you need to know more.

After you have installed the extension right-click anywhere on a page, go to ‘Inspect’ and the Developer Tools console will pop up. Click on the tab ‘Web Scraper’ and go on to the ‘Create new sitemap’ button and click on the ‘Import sitemap’ option. Now paste the JSON (given in the gist link below) in the Sitemap JSON box.
importing-the-sitemap-walmart-scraper displays the product data by category. We are going to extract the product data in the link – This will be our start URL.

This scraper can also work for sub-categories links such as:

You can scrape other URLs by editing the metadata. The GIF below shows you how:


In the Web Scraper toolbar, click on the Sitemap button (which would have changed to sitemap ‘your sitemap name’ now) and select the “Edit metadata’ option and paste the URL of the category page you would like to scrape.

Run the Scraper


To start scraping, go to the Sitemap and click ‘Scrape’ from the drop down. A new instance of Chrome will launch, enabling the extension to scroll and grab the data. Once the scrape is complete, the browser will close automatically and send a notification.

Download the Data

To download the scraped data, go to the Sitemap drop down > Export as CSV > Download Now. A CSV file will be downloaded with all the scraped data.



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