Retail Health Clinic Locations in US – Location Analysis

Retail health clinics, located in pharmacies and big box stores are playing a pivotal role in the health care marketplace. Prices in retail clinics are 80% lower than in a hospital for the same service, and have the potential to expand the reach of medical services across the country.

Pharmacies quickly adapted to this growing need and incorporated retail clinics into their stores. Major grocers too are setting up in-store pharmacies as well as clinics to increase customer footfall. By 2028, the retail healthcare market is expected to become an $8 billion business.

We looked into the locations of retail health clinics operating under CVS Health, Walgreens, The Little Clinic, RiteAid, Walmart and Target across the U.S.

Insights in Brief

  • CVS branded MinuteClinic has 1,067 clinics in 36 states.
  • Walgreens has 424 clinics in 20 states.
  • Kroger owned The Little Clinic has 221 clinics in 9 states.
  • RiteAid owned RediClinic has 97 clinics in 4 states.
  • Target has 79 clinics in 7 states.
  • Walmart has 35 clinics in 11 states.
  • 70% of all retail clinics operate in southern and midwestern states.

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Map of Retail Health Clinics in the US


In the map above, each grid point denotes a ten-mile radius where a retail clinic dominates.

70% of all retail clinics operate in southern and midwestern states. Almost one-third of retail clinics are located in Texas (185), Florida (168), Ohio (149), Illinois (129), and Tennessee (99).

CVS Health and Walgreens were the first ones to start the concept of pharmacy retail clinics and have launched many clinics over the years. The dominant player, CVS, accounts for 55% of all retail clinics in the US. Walgreens comes second with 22% of retail clinics in the US.

Pharmacies might have the upper hand when it comes to in-store clinics, but the convenience of getting a check-up and buying your prescription while grocery shopping gives an advantage to supermarket pharmacies. Retail companies are trying to accelerate growth by investing in long term services like virtual health care.

CVS MinuteClinic Locations


CVS Health’s chain of retail clinic is called MinuteClinic. MinuteClinic has 1,067 locations in 36 states. The three states with most number of MinuteClinic locations are Florida (102), Texas (101) and North Carolina (70). They are scattered in the southern and northeastern states but still have opportunities to expand in the west.

 Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Locations


The second-largest pharmacy chain Walgreens, has 424 retail clinics across 20 states in the US. The three states with most number of Walgreens clinics are Illinois (59), Florida (57), and Texas (34).

Walgreens has used in-store health clinics to treat chronically ill patients as a way to offset slowing revenue from prescription drugs and competition from online retailers. The company has increasingly pursued partnerships with other companies such as LabCorp to offer in-store blood work and blood tests and MedExpress which will connect urgent care centers to Walgreens locations.

The Little Clinic Locations


Kroger Co. acquired The Little Clinic in 2010. The Little Clinic is located in 221 locations across 9 states. The three states with the most number of clinics are Ohio (60), Kentucky (41), and Tennessee (41).

RiteAid Clinic Locations


In 2014, RiteAid acquired RediClinic, a Texas chain of retail healthcare clinics. RiteAid has 97 Redi Clinics in 4 states – Pennsylvania (40), Texas (35), New Jersey (20) and Delaware (2). There are 35 Redi Clinics across 22 cities in Texas.

Target Clinic Locations


In 2016, CVS Health acquired Target’s pharmacy and retail clinic business. CVS Health started opening MinuteClinics at Target locations in North Carolina.

Now there are 79 MinuteClinics in Target stores across 7 states. The three states with the most number of Target stores with MinuteClinics are Minnesota (26), Illinois (13), and North Carolina (11).

Walmart Clinic Locations


Walmart has 35 clinics in 11 states. The three states with the most number of clinics are Kentucky (11), Texas (7), Georgia (4).

Although Walmart has just ventured into healthcare, its full-service health facility provides consumers with primary care, labs, X-rays, dental, hearing, psychological counseling, audiology, and other services.


Retail Clinics Expanding at a Fast Pace

The increasing acceptance of the retail clinic concept, awareness about cost-related advantages, and improving government support for walk-in clinics will facilitate the growth of the retail healthcare market in the coming years.

Amazon could also bring healthcare into the physical world by starting clinics in Whole Foods where it already has retail footprint. Care delivery is moving out of the acute care setting and into the community. This trend is responsive to consumer demands for fast, convenient access, and it offers the potential for higher volume and lower costs in specialized clinic settings.

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