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ScrapeHero provides periodic eCommerce data which is used by various publications and research papers.

In our ongoing quest for our own Brand Monitoring, we come across some mentions about our data. Here are some recent ones.


An eBook about “Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives By Eleonora Pantano, Bang Nguyen, Charles Dennis, Sabine Gerlach” with the extract available here


Amazon Po Polsku – Dominik Owczarek, Agata Chełstowska available here

Key Trends Impacting Digital Commerce by 2020 by Neil Stewart – CEO, Salmon Ltd available here

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HBS submission

ScrapeHero was mentioned in a submission on the Digital Innovation and Transformation (DIGITS) course at Harvard Business School.

In the article “Amazon vs Etsy- an incumbent futile attempt to disrupt the vintage category” written by Onaizah P, it explains how handmade and vintage items compare in Amazon and Etsy regarding several factors including customer loyalty and brand value.


A research paper about “Online Shopping Abandonment Rate a New Perspective” by Musten Robert Florentin from the University of Twente available here  



A research paper called “The Rise of Global Market Places – How to compete and prosper in the world of Amazon, Alibaba and other platforms” published by the company eCommerce Poland.

The paper discusses how consumer decisions are affected by the number of options given to us when shopping online and how product changes occur drastically in online retail sites. Different platforms have positive and negative effects on retailers and consumers. The submission shows how retail consultants see retailers less innovative than retailers see themselves.

Global Forces Affecting Today’s Markets

The global market holds a major percentage of the online retail market. Looking at annual reports over that the past 20 years, the revenue is in billions of dollars from top notch companies such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

The essay thoroughly looks into the analytics of Amazon, the most well-documented marketplace, which has a long history of generating revenue through selling and advertisements. Amazon creates convenience strategies to create a seamless experience, attracting customers by continuously lowering prices and practicing dynamic pricing.

Amazon’s Ever Growing Revenues and Costs

Retailers like Amazon use marketplaces for big data, IT and analytics. Even though they amass greater profits than other retail platforms, they spend twice as much for technology than marketing. Which means that as Amazon’s revenues are growing, so are its costs. Amazon receives major earnings yearly, but there can be many flaws in how they impact customer experience, how timely their response is and how competition among other retailers are handled.

Surveys were taken from more than 250 retailers and retail consultants to see the positive and adverse reviews they gave on the impact several marketplaces have on their industry and whether these marketplaces will or will not reach out to their customers towards the future.

They have referenced our data in their paper.


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