Free or Discounted Data for Research

Hello Researchers,

We know life is hard enough for you and the paucity of data doesn’t help. To top it up you are asked to pay for data when you can barely pay for Ramen noodles !

ScrapeHero is here to help.

While, we too need to eat we feel we can spare some of our data cycles to power research. (Superheros do need to fuel up even though that may not been shown in movies or comics)

We can provide you publicly available data for free or at deeply discounted rates (depending upon how common or obscure the data is – i.e. common data that can be used by many more people will be free and uncommon data with limited use to a very specific topic will be not be free but will be discounted).

The only thing we ask is that we want you to spread the word – whether that is through a link back to our website or a mention on social media @ScrapeHero or a footnote reference in your research paper or by emailing your colleagues about this great service and telling them to use (not abuse) this service.

We would also like you to let us know if you would like to make that data available publicly (in the spirit of openness, we would love to provide that to the world and further more research).

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help. Do mention this post and a little bit about your research so we can verify the authenticity of your request.

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