How Many Products Does Amazon Prime Now sell? – June 2018

Amazon Prime Now has a total of 945,827 products available across 32 cities in the US (as of June 24th, 2018).

Amazon Prime Now

Prime Now, an extension of Amazon Prime is making online trade hyperlocal, enabling quick delivery of everything including groceries, food, and provisions in less than two hours. Prime Now first launched in parts of New York city in 2014, delivering products to customers in an hour’s time for a fee of $7.99 or within two hours for no additional fee.

Prime Now currently serves more than 50 global markets and has expedited expansion of it’s grocery delivery fraction post the acquisition of Whole Foods. As of 2016, Amazon has reported 310 million active customers, out of which 100 million members have Prime memberships

Top 15 Prime Now Categories


The Grocery & Gourmet Food category is the largest in Amazon Prime Now, and accounts for a little over one-third of the total products. Coming up after Groceries is “Health, Household and Baby Care” section, followed by “Beauty and Personal Care”.

Number of Products Sold in Each City

It isn’t much of a surprise that Amazon marks the highest sale numbers in its home territory, Seattle with a total of 54k products up for sale. Dallas and Fort Worth fall second with 41k products.

Among the 32 cities available in Amazon Prime Now, 10 cities with the highest product count are shown below:



City vs. Number of Products (By Category)

The Grocery and Household categories dominate across all cities due to frequent customer requirements. “Beauty & Personal Care” products take the next lead followed by “Kitchen and Electronics” categories.

The chart below shows the number of products in each City by Category


Local Stores Across Cities

Stores such as Whole Foods Market, Bartell Drugs and Fresh Thyme sell their goods across different locations. The Whole Foods brand has gained most of its exposure on mass-marketing platforms. In a recent move, Amazon has started giving Prime members an extra 10% off on sale items at Whole Foods stores.

Amazon is also moving quickly to integrate Whole Foods stores as a depot instead of stocking groceries in a warehouse. This could be seen as yet another way to make its grocery segment more attractive to consumers. Currently available at Prime Now delivery markets, the Whole Foods private-label Everyday Value 365 provides a simple way to shop for healthy, high-quality food at great prices.

The following chart provides the number of products in local stores across each city:

stores-where-prime-now-is available-cities

However, over half the products on Prime Now are still being sold by Amazon when compared to other local stores.

Whole Foods Market has the second largest count of goods (158 k items) sold across six cities. Sprouts Farmers Market, a Phoenix AZ-based supermarket accounted for this position earlier, before they ended their partnership with Prime Now. They now deliver groceries through Instacart. Fresh Thyme and New Seasons make their scores after Whole Foods.

Block and Pie chart below shows the number of products in each store:


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