Chart: Count of products in Amazon US for major categories

EDIT: Amazon sells about 368,876,590 products as of Dec 1, 2016. Updated post available here – How many products does sell – December 2016 product counts major categories

Total Products

Books 52,039,819
Electronics 42,426,029
Home and Kitchen 39,708,640
Digital Music Songs 32,977,000
Cell Phones and Accessories 24,039,269
Sports and Outdoors 19,665,787
Clothing Shoes and Jewelry 17,599,928
Collectibles and Fine Art 14,585,642

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Craig May 31, 2015

I think a much more interesting question would be of the 323,187,951 products that are listed for sale on Amazon, how many of those are actually sold by Amazon vs. their third-party sellers? Somehow I doubt you’d be able to get a straight answer from Amazon, but my guess is that the majority of products ordered through Amazon are actually sold by the third-party merchants and not Amazon itself.

Tim Brown September 11, 2015

The numbers presented don’t give the whole picture. The total doesn’t match the sum for the categories presented. So there should be 80,145,837 SKUs in “other”

Do you have the full break down for all categories, the ones that would make up that “other”?

    scrapehero September 11, 2015

    Hi Tim,
    These numbers are fluid and change every second but we will get more details on the “other” category on the next refresh.

      Ralph January 12, 2016


      do you also have the numbers form the later years? Like when they started selling only books?

        scrapehero January 12, 2016

        Ralph – Sorry we dont have those numbers

cheryl chng May 31, 2016

hi can i know the latest volume of products currently sold in amazon under each category? especially the ‘clothing, shoe and jewelry ‘ category. The one above seems to be outdated .thanks!

    scrapehero May 31, 2016

    Sure – we will try to get an update soon.

SULAM MAHESH YADAV October 18, 2016

may I kindly know how many leather products does amazon sell per day/week/year world wide or country wise?

    ScrapeHero October 18, 2016

    Sorry – Amazon sales numbers are not public information at that level of detail and hence cannot be scraped

Ndhuka December 1, 2016

Any luck in getting amazon sales details category wise.

    ScrapeHero December 2, 2016

    Sorry – Amazon sales numbers are not public information at that level of detail and hence cannot be scraped

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