Bestselling Toy Brands on – December 2016

We analyzed about 2000+ products listed under Bestsellers of the category “Toys & Games” and its first level sub-categories of

Below is a quick summary infographic of our findings on the Bestselling toy brands in as on December 14, 2016. Courtesy of Venngage

Hasbro has the largest number of products listed in Toys & Games’ top 100 bestsellers with about 9K reviews and average price of $12. Followed by VTech, NERF and LEGO. It is worth noting that NERF is owned by Hasbro. With a total of 15 products, Hasbro ( along with NERF ) dominates the bestsellers listing of Toys & Games in

Cards Against Humanity is the most popular and best-selling product. The brand Cards against Humanity LLC has a total of 3 products – Cards Against Humanity, Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion and Cards Against Humanity: Green Box in the top 100 best selling products of Toys & Games, with a total of about 42K reviews. It has 3 times the reviews as the closest contender VTech.

Digging deeper into the sub-categories, here are the top 3 brands with largest number of products for each subcategory. You can also find other detailed reports of Number of Products by Brand as tabs in the Tableau Worksheet embedded below.

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