Amazon vs Walmart- Products Sold in May 2017

As of May 2017, Walmart has a total of 26.1 million products while Amazon has a product count of 367 million products up for sale. 

That’s only 7.11% of what Amazon has to offer

Here is a comparison of the number of products on sale in Amazon and Walmart


 Amazon Keeps Edge

Amazon is now worth two times that of Walmart!

Amazon’s market cap stands at $459 billion, whereas Walmart is $228 billion. Walmart in February introduced a subscription delivery program that was a rival to Amazon Prime in favor of a guarantee of free two-day shipping for orders of more than $35. Efforts such as these may cut into Amazon’s lead in e-commerce but it’s highly unlikely Walmart will overtake soon, as Amazon has invested heavily in channels and online streaming.

   Amazon                                                                        Walmart

amazon-number-of-products-may-vs-april-2017                 walmart-number-of-products-may-vs-april-2017

Prominent Changes over the Last Month

The total number of products on sale by Walmart has risen by 2.6 million over the past month! Amazon has also increased their product portfolio by 34 million.

We have been monitoring Walmart’s product count and our data shows their product portfolio has soared by 10 million since December 2016! Below is a graph showing the rise in products throughout the past six months.



Top 10 Categories

Surprisingly, the Jewelry and Electronics categories has finally overtook the “Home” department, with around 3 and 2.8 million products respectively. While the department Home has had a decline in 1.5 milion products.


Here is a table of the count of all the categories currently present at Walmart

Category Count
Jewelry 3,095,272
Electronics 2,815,646
Home Improvement 2,254,817
Auto & Tires 2,062,293
Office 1,824,097
Clothing 1,562,801
Sports & Outdoors 1,507,483
Seasonal 1,239,545
Books 1,016,640
Cell Phones 961,667
Party & Occasions 921,554
Toys 596,962
Arts, Crafts & Sewing 494,123
Household Essentials 456,604
Patio & Garden 410,598
Health 307,211
Beauty 287,909
Music on CD or Vinyl 186,660
Food 153,091
Musical Instruments 150,777
Pets 142,609
Movies & TV 121,167
Photo Center 102,702
Baby 91,299
Video Games 31,245
Gifts & Registry 22,514
Industrial & Scientific 6,956
Pharmacy 3,866

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