Amazon vs Walmart- Products Sold in March 2017

As of March 2017, Walmart has a total of 22 million products on sale and Amazon has 375 million products.

Walmart has only 5.8% of what Amazon has to offer.

Competition with Amazon

Walmart has seen a quantum leap with e-commerce sales picking up. With Walmart’s earnings in the fourth quarter seeming to be a definite blow to Amazon, they could soon be a great threat and exceed them. Walmart has an estimated 5,200 stores across US to create a larger impact on same-hour delivery services to compete with Amazon’s same-day shipping service.


While Walmart makes sure their customers get the best experience while shopping at home, they are not keeping up with Amazon when it comes to the addition of new products. Amazon is bringing in new items such as Alexa Skills to their product portfolio to bring in more buyers and widen their customer base.

Amazon vs Walmart (Products on Sale)

Here is a comparison for the number of products on sale at and


Significant Changes since Last Month

Walmart’s product line has risen by 2.5 million this month! That is 11% percent more products compared to the previous month. It is a slight downfall when looking at the number of products added since last month but these minute changes can vary month over month. Amazon has an increase of 4.5 million products with a total of 375 million products for sale.  

Amazon                                                                               Walmart

amazon-product-count-feb-vs-march-2017                                   walmart-product-count-feb-vs-march-2017

Top 10 Categories at



The “Home” department still continues to dominate at the top position with 3.72 million products followed by Electronics and Jewelry.

Walmart has increased their products by three-quarters of a million in the Clothing department and it has entered the top 10 categories standing at 7th position.

Below is a table for the count of all the Categories offered by Walmart.


Category Count
Home 3,719,913
Electronics 2,485,676
Jewelry 2,412,510
Home Improvement 2,059,616
Auto & Tires 1,785,649
Office 1,639,160
Clothing 1,448,891
Seasonal 1,212,381
Sports & Outdoors 1,057,271
Cell Phones 876,765
Party & Occasions 734,994
Books 691,684
Toys 488,256
Household Essentials 416,803
Patio & Garden 397,669
Beauty 255,345
Health 251,375
Food 139,260
Musical Instruments 134,935
Movies & TV 123,830
Pets 103,254
Photo Center 96,466
Video Games 26,167
Gifts & Registry 19,850
Pharmacy 2,725

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Vince February 5, 2018

Is this measurement for individual SKUs? At Amazon, you could have 10 different sellers (one of them being Amazon itself) selling the exact same item/SKU. Do you count that as 10 or 1? Or are you excluding smaller companies that use the Amazon platform for sales? Thanks.

    ScrapeHero February 5, 2018

    Hi Vince,
    Each ASIN would be considered one SKU – so in your example it would be 1 not 10.

Andrew Nelson January 4, 2019

Wondering where you pulled that Walmart data for products by category? Looking for similar data on the top 10 US marketplaces. Thanks!

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