Amazon vs Walmart – Products sold in February 2017

As of February 2017, Walmart has a total of about 20 Million products on sale and Amazon has 371 million products. Walmart still has only 5.4% of the products that Amazon has to offer.

Walmart enjoyed its best quarter in 4 years with its 2016 Q4 earnings hitting $133.6 billion. In e-commerce, they had a 29% increase boosted by the acquisition of, growth on pick up stores and the continued roll out of online grocery.

After Walmart introduced their two-day free shipping, a month later Amazon changed their free shipping to a minimum of $35 (rather than paying for the Amazon Prime’s $99 yearly fee). It seems like this move made by Walmart is to counter the incentive of free shipping and remove that as a competitive advantage for Amazon.

Growth over Last Month

Walmart’s product line has grown by 3.2 Million this month! That’s 18% more products compared to last month.Walmart added only 600,000 products last month but this month they added 3.2 million – that is a huge jump in month over month addition to the products. Looks like Walmart is aggressively trying to add products to their product selection.

Amazon increased their product portfolio by 13.1 Million with a total of 370 Million products for sale. The absolute increase of 13.1 million products in a month is quite a large number but Amazon does have huge variations in their product count month over month.


Top 10 Categories at

The “Home” department is the largest category with around 3 million products followed by Electronics and Jewelry. Home Improvement has increased their products by almost half a million.

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