Amazon Prime Now Vs Walmart Grocery – How many products do they sell?

The product counts listed in this article include the number of products available on Walmart Grocery and Amazon Prime Now online stores for purchase by public. The data does not include product inventory in physical stores run by respective companies.

In a nutshell

  • Walmart Grocery has been stepping up their online grocery sales numbers majorly in the past years
  • Though Amazon was the first to come up with the idea, Walmart is the market leader when it comes to number of products
  • Beauty & Personal care is the Walmart grocery top-selling category while for Prime Now it is Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Walmart offers pick-up in 50 states and Texas with 145 stores has the most number of outlets
  • Amazon provides pick-up in 23 states and California with 5 stores have the most number of outlets

Two of the world’s largest retail chains, Amazon and Walmart have been weighing in on their online grocery delivery systems for a while now. As of July 2018, Walmart’s ‘Walmart Grocery’ has a total of 48.63 million products on sale while Amazon’s ‘Prime Now’ has 1.01 million.

Walmart Grocery has put itself through an unbelievable transition in just a couple of years. The company started their online sales aspirations with the purchase of in August 2016. After the Amazon-Whole foods merger and subsequent expansion of Prime Now’s grocery delivery streams, Walmart grocery sharpened their own efforts.  In September 2017, almost two years after they launched full-blown operations, Walmart grocery opened their 1000th online grocery pick-up location. Soon after, Walmart was giving Amazon a scare regarding its place in the online grocery market.

Here is a comparison of the number of products available at Amazon Prime Now and Walmart Grocery:

Significant Changes Over Last Month

Amazon Prime Now acquired Whole Foods in August 2017, which was a major landmark in this tug of war. After this acquisition, Sprouts Farmers Market, a Phoenix AZ-based supermarket ended their partnership with Amazon Prime Now and announced a new partnership with Amazon rival Instacart.  

To counter the Amazon Prime Now-Whole Foods deal, Walmart purchased New York-based ‘Parcel’, expanding their grocery delivery services across the nation and boosting same-day delivery service. 

Walmart Groceries product portfolio(number of products across all categories) has increased by around 2.5 million, since June 2018. Amazon Prime Now, on the other hand, has increased their product count by 63k.

Take a look at the product difference of  Amazon Prime Now and Walmart Grocery since last month:

Top 10 Walmart Grocery Categories

Owing to frequent customer demand, ‘Beauty and Personal Care’ category continues to dominate the list with 9.3 million products.  ‘Pantry’ and ‘Home, Garden & Tools’ take the next lead followed by ‘Health & Nutrition’.  Walmart Grocery delivery is now available in six U.S. markets and the service will become an option for more than 40% of U.S. households in more than 100 metro areas.

Here is a bar graph showing various categories available at Walmart Grocery and the corresponding product count:

Top 10 Amazon Prime Now Categories

Similar to the previous month, ‘Grocery & Gourmet Food’ category has the highest number of products in Amazon Prime Now. Their two-hour delivery policy could be reason for this preference. Coming up after Groceries is ‘Health, Household, & Baby Care’ section, followed by ‘Beauty and Personal Care’. 

Here is a look at the various categories available at Amazon Prime Now and corresponding product counts:

Walmart Grocery Store Count vs State

Texas with a count of total 145 stores is on top of the list. Coming up after Texas is Florida, followed by North Carolina. 

The chart below shows the number of  Walmart Grocery stores in each State:

Walmart has stores in 50 states and offers Walmart Grocery through 5 types of stores like the Supercenter, Discount Store, Neighborhood Market, Pickup, and Pickup with Fuel.

Customers can search their zip code at to find out if they’re within the delivery radius of stores. Walmart has also increased the number of Walmart Pickup stores. Shoppers can order groceries and other items online, then pick a time slot for pickup. This facility is available at stores between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Amazon Prime Now Delivery Service Locations

To improve users convenience, Amazon goes a step further; they leverage the Whole Foods merger with services like Amazon Lockers and Amazon Go to bolster their physical presence. With the ‘lockers’ in Amazon’s Whole Foods stores, customers can pick up deliveries at their convenience and drop the returns. Amazon Go is all about creating a friction-less shopping experience. It opened to the public in January 2018 with a promise of no cashiers or checkout lines.

Let’s look at the number of Amazon Prime Now locations in each State:

Amazon provides Prime Now delivery services to 23 states, among which California, Washington, and New York have the highest number of locations. 

Amazon and Walmart are trading punches in growing their grocery delivery services with the lines blurring between online and physical shopping options. As Walmart is working on more mergers with local stores and marketing tactics like a two-day free delivery, Amazon is inventing new and interesting retailing options to go with their online services. We are among many who are anxiously watching to see what is next.


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